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Don't know how I'm gunna cope c section!

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Fedup1992 Wed 12-Feb-14 23:04:46

Hey so from being a low risk all throughout pregnancy to my wearers breaking an getting rushed to a hospital from the birth centre... It ended up being a blood clot behind my placenta (baby come 40 plus 1) got to 8 cm and had to have an emergency c section. I'm in agony got amazing support from my partner and friends and family but I don't know how I'm gunna cope being out of hospital! I can't do anything! Going into second day of it being done and I'm still in agony xxxx

LavenderFox Thu 13-Feb-14 07:54:36

Sending hugs and sorry to hear you have had a fright. It will get better, right now your body has lots of bruising and inflammation to cope with because of the operation, and it takes about three days for the immediate healing, and about ten for your tummy to begin to feel normal. Because it is all happening in the centre of your body it is also 'normal' to feel that you can't move or do anything but that also gets better quickly. It is a big shock for a healthy person to have
something like a c/s and not be able to do things you take for granted normally. The trick is to accept absolutely all the help you can get, take absolutely all the painkillers prescribed and just bear with it a day or two more until you turn a corner. There are benefits for going home on the third day after a ceasarean but I know we keep many mums happily until five days because recovery is individual. If it helps to know, I had a big operation a little similar to a caesarean and I had not been at all prepared for the reality of what the recovery was like.... So I kept buzzing the nurses at night and telling them I was going to die blush.... Needless to say I didn't and I was quite fine another 48 hours later.... The chemicals your body releases when itdeals with inflammation do affect your brain which is hard to explain until you experience it yourself.

Sending hugs x

ShanghaiDiva Thu 13-Feb-14 08:02:44

I have had an emergency section and it is normal to feel that you have been hit by a truck!
It is amazing how quickly the body recovers and by 7 days after delivery you will be feeling considerably better. However, you will still be healing internally so you need to take care of yourself and as lavender says accept all offers of help.

Foxeym Thu 13-Feb-14 10:06:12

You will feel better, I've had 3CS and the quickest way to recover is to get up and about even though you don't feel like it. The day after I always get up and have a shower, it takes forever but makes you feel so much better. Just keep positive, you'll be surprised how quickly you will recover day by day

Youcanneverhavetoomanybooks Thu 13-Feb-14 10:21:48

Sending a huge hug! I also had an emergency cs with my dd after a totally normal pregnancy - it is a huge shock but just remember that the most important thing is that you have a healthy, living baby because of it - I found that really helped me! Take it slow and don't expect too much of yourself for now. Take all the pain meds you need - and keep taking them for a couple of weeks - they will help. Glad you have support. It will get better. And maybe plan for undemanding company when you get home if you need it - for a couple of weeks after my dd arrived, I just wanted someone - anyone! - there with me as much as possible so that I didn't feel alone. xxx

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