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have they changed the way they calculate how pregnant you are?

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lighteningmcmama Wed 12-Feb-14 15:40:43


with dc1 and dc2 they started it from the first day of your last menstrual period. i was kind of banking this time around on being more pregnant than the nhs due date calculator thinks i am (because then i could feel good about not feeling so sick, whereas if i am only 4 weeks as said calculator thinks then of course i wouldn't be sick yet). this is the only explanation i can think of, especially as i know this many days past my last due date the calculators before definitely had me as more pregnant iyswim.

any ideas?

UriGeller Wed 12-Feb-14 15:43:30

It still goes from lmp until you have the dating scan. The online calculators sometimes ask for cycle length, instead of assuming 28 days. Could this be the reason?

eurochick Wed 12-Feb-14 15:43:37

Nope, they still use last LMP date (unless there is better information available, such as assisted conception dates). They can change it after the dating scan though.

schmalex Wed 12-Feb-14 15:43:38

I think it's still calculated from LMP. What is the NHS calculator saying?

ToriaPumpkin Wed 12-Feb-14 15:44:24

It's still done from LMP, at least where I am!

sambababy Wed 12-Feb-14 16:01:34

Until you have your dating scan at 12wks it's done on LMP. However, i'd been monitoring my periods so I could tell my OB that my cycle was averaging 35 days not 28 so we both knew I wasn't as far along as the LMP implied. I also told the lady doing the scan, and my dates matched up better with the size of the baby. Do you know roughly how long your cycle is? I have my fingers crossed for you that you don't get sickness!

lighteningmcmama Wed 12-Feb-14 18:53:37

Thanks for your warm wishes sambababy

Nhs calculator has me as 4 weeks.

It's been 5.5 weeks since my lmp

I did put in cycle length which is also around 32-35 days

Maybe it's just cos January seemed a loooooong month that my.lmp seems longer ago!

I just wish I was further along bc this is the worst stage of pregnancy

allduffedup Wed 12-Feb-14 21:55:42

Has anyone else had their midwife tell them something different to the NHS calculator? The NHS calculator says 27th August, but midwife says 25th August (this is just going off dates, not had scan yet).

MoominIsGoingToBeAMumEEEEK Wed 12-Feb-14 21:58:50

NHS calculator told me early May, midwife told me late April. According to all scans etc, midwife is correct so far! grin

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