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Help! 14wks and still feel nauseous plus mouth feels icky

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orchidna2 Wed 12-Feb-14 13:10:56

I am a total first timer and I know all the books say nausea can last up to 16 weeks but i started feeling better at 13 weeks and now its back. worse, my mouth just feels like its full of plaque which isn't going anywhere no matter how many times i brush or rinse with mouthwash! Also tastes constantly sweet which makes me even more nauseous. At least i am not vomitting which is a blessing.

- apart from a dentist appointment for a clean, how can i get rid of the weird taste in my mouth?
- what else works consistently for managing nausea? (ginger, oatcakes, ricecakes, ginger ale all failures for me; also tried olives and lemonade but no luck)

SweetPea86 Wed 12-Feb-14 15:18:36

Hi Hun I'm 31 weeks and I'm sorry to say I'm still suffering still sick every morning and feel nausaous all the time. It has wore off but from 5 weeks till 17 I had it awful.

That weird taste is awful too. I found nothing like ginger helped just did leave awful taste in mouth.

Dry food like crisps helped and didn't seem to leave bad taste, I craved pickled onion nd salt and vin which seemed to help a lot.

Eating little and often helps and murrys butter mints were good for me.

Chewing gum

I found lemonade just left a vile sugary taste in my mouth so just drank water or dilute sugar free orange. Making it very watery.

Hope it passes soon for you I feel your pain

orchidna2 Sun 16-Feb-14 13:19:50

Thanks SweetPea86. Trying crisps and chewing gum now. helping a bit. Can't wait for this to pass.....

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