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6 weeks pregnant and no symptoms!?

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Bumpforme2014 Wed 12-Feb-14 12:47:34


Anyone else have zero symptoms at 6 weeks? I have bigger sore boobs, increased CM, very hot at night but that's it!

Not even more tired than normal, no sickness, no cramps etc I am thinking about getting private early scan at 8 weeks because I find it hard to believe I am even pregnant right now. Anyone else the same at 6 weeks?

squizita Wed 12-Feb-14 12:49:55

Yes I was then I got nausea and tiredness from 7weeks. smile

CuppaSarah Wed 12-Feb-14 13:00:04

I was symptom free till 7 weeks. Then I started puking at 6.27am every day till about 30 weeks. You might be lucky and not get morning sickness or tiredness though, if you are I will be very envy

ReallyTired Wed 12-Feb-14 13:04:48

Congratulations and I hope you have a happy uneventful and healthy, problem free pregnancy and birth.

WannaBeAMommy Wed 12-Feb-14 13:18:24


Everyones pregnancy is different, myself and my partners sister are both pregnant with some time apart haha, her symptoms seem to of been there from the very start whereas mine was none existent until week eight when I got sick twice, had sore boobs and gone off food haha. It wasnt until week 10 that the dreaded morning sickness came, three times daily I was puking up after a while it was just like once ive done it im grand for a few more hours lol

Enjoy your pregnancy hun, Im at week 33 now it has just flown in, wishing you a happy pregnancy and best of luck x

HopefulHamster Wed 12-Feb-14 13:52:43

It's hard isn't it? I have no symptoms either and am also six weeks. Even my sore boobs keep coming and going - they've been fine for two days now. I'm terrified because I had a miscarriage a year ago that ended between six and seven weeks and I had no symptoms then. However, when I was pregnant with my son I think it was exactly the same. The hcg or whatever affects everyone in different ways.

Bumpforme2014 Wed 12-Feb-14 14:01:18

Thanks guys, I hate to sound ungrateful for not having symptoms but you hear lots about symptoms being a good sign. I think it is still early days for me I am only six weeks today but I always thought I would get really sick when pregnant because I have such a weak stomach usually. Hopefulhamster sorry to hear about your miscarriage, i read the odds for miscarriage drop a lot when you get to six weeks so hopefully that was a one off for you and this one is a sticky bean.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Sat 15-Feb-14 06:43:44

I'm 12 weeks with no real symptoms (although I was often tired/had indigestion pre-pregnancy). The only addition is bigger slightly sore boobs and being more emotional (lot of happy crying). There's definitely a baby in there though. I'd just enjoy it while it lasts op.

ZingSweetApple Sat 15-Feb-14 06:55:35

well, what you listed are symptomps so don't get disheartened!smile

just you wait. not feeling tired or sick can change in a day!

with DS3 I cooked a massive soup one morning, left in on cooker to simmer.

at lunch time I opened the lid to smell and taste the soup - next thing I know I was puking in the kitchen sink.
then the next thing I did was telling DH that I'm popping out for a test because I'm probably pg.

(I had been 5 weeks + without knowing, long story)

But some people are never sick and some only experience mild nausea for a few weeks around 8-11 weeks, you might be one of the lucky few!

oh, and Congratulations!thanks

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