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38+4 getting very anxious now :(

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GuyMartinsSideburns Wed 12-Feb-14 09:36:22

Ok so Im pregnant with my 3rd. My 1st was a traumatic labour which took months to get over and going through it with the supervisor of midwives etc. Was meant to be a homebirth but all stopped going to plan around 7cm, baby was back to back and stuck, was transferred into hosp and ended up with a forceps delivery and 3rd degree tear. Healed well, baby was fine (is now 8!) I had an epidural once I got into hosp as by this point Id been in labour over 24 hours.

Baby number 2 - this was 2 years later, again the pregnancy was going well and I was booked to have her at home. I ended up having a scan quite late on in the pregnancy as I was polyhydramnious, I was advised to have her in hospital as there were concerns it was due to a condition (sorry the name escapes me at the moment) where the baby has a blockage in its throat and would obv need medical attention. I spent the last bit of my pregnancy a nervous wreck, and as soon as things started happening I went into hosp to get an epidural. After my 1st birth I figured if anything awful was going to happen Id like to be awake and not miss my daughter being born, in my mind at the time the epidural was a conscious decision to enable me to stay in control, and at least be numb to anything they had to do to me. I guess you could say Id given up on managing it myself. Anyway my daughter was born, was fine and beautiful - I was just carrying a lot of fluid. (Shes now about to turn 6).

So its been a few years now, and Im ready to have my last baby. The pregnancy has been great, Ive kept as active as possible and its only now Im finding any real discomfort etc. Im at that stage now where you go to bed and think 'is tonight the night?' which is scary, and Im a bit snappy in the evenings.

Im worried I wont cope with the pain - I tried a tens with my son and it was okay for a while but after a time I took it off - I didn't like the sensation, one of the pads also kept coming off (despite dh getting the tape out the drawer!) and this made it feel worse. I managed up until we went into hospital just with breathing, and then a bit of gas and air (I initially refused for hours as was worried itd make me feel sick.) Ive obv had an epidural each time, and don't know what it feels like to get from 7-10cms by myself. Im worried this is when I'll struggle and if things don't progress again its going to be like my sons birth sad

People keep telling me that your 3rd is your worst (thanks!) and whereas I know this cant be strictly true part of me worries about it. My midwife is supportive and keen about my homebirth plans, though of course I don't know if itll be her that turns up, however she said that sometimes 3rd babies can be a little stop/start to begin with but generally fine once going. This I can deal with. Im concerned that not having a tens will stop me coping - even though I don't want one! and didn't use one with my daughter, and I don't want to get one tbh. If I could just 'know' that I can manage with this Id be okay but of course Ive no idea how things are going to work out. Im hoping being at home will keep me relaxed somewhat.

Sorry for the huge post, Ive rambled on a bit! Any experiences/advice would be much appreciated x

GuyMartinsSideburns Wed 12-Feb-14 10:11:40

And I probably should've posted this in childbirth... Gah sad

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