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Is is positive

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k4mi Tue 11-Feb-14 18:16:44


Period is due tomorrow but have been feeling pregnant...first month of trying for DC2. I have done a test today (couldn't wait!) used a First Response as it says you can use up to 6 days early and got a (very) faint pink line meaning positive result. Couldn;t believe it so have just done a second (cheapo one from chemist) and it's negative...I know it's early to test so does this mean it's positive or negative?? Anyone had this experience?

Symptoms minor but same as last time, sore boobs, sore back, v bloated/feel like period coming but not painful.

MrsGiraffe12 Wed 12-Feb-14 06:51:21

If you've still got the test upload a pic so we can see

Generally a line is a line no matter how faint but it does need to be the same width and colour as the control line.

If all these factors apply to you then I'd say yes it's a bfp and congratulations :-) x

Fairypants Wed 12-Feb-14 06:57:56

It sounds like the sensitive test picked it up early but its too early for the cheap one. Either get another sensitive test or wait another couple of days to use a cheapy one if you need reassurance.

k4mi Wed 12-Feb-14 18:51:17

Hi again,

So today I have just done 2 x Clear blue digital tests (hoping to put mind at rest) and both have come up negative....WEIRD. So I have now had 2 x First response that both had a faint line (both I and OH could see it but took a while to come up and v faint) a crappy cheap one (neg) and 2 digi clear blue negative....HELP! Feel like I am going mad! Has
anyone had this and then been pregnant or perhaps my period will just come...I feel like it is about to but perhaps that's something else!!!

Nomorepeppapig Wed 12-Feb-14 18:56:52

A line is a line! You can get a false neg but not a false positive. Congratulation op!

k4mi Wed 12-Feb-14 18:58:57

Really hope so Nomorepeppapig!

AK89 Wed 12-Feb-14 20:25:04

Clear blue digital tests are NOT good for early testing! I found this out the hard way too..

The day before my period was due I tried a cheapo Superdrug test and got a faint line, so was overjoyed and took it that I was pregnant and announced it to my boyfriend and my family (they knew my dates and everything and were expecting news when I went up to see them!)
So later that day I bought a pack of Clearblue digital tests, wanting to confirm it. Came back "Not pregnant". Was absolutely devastated. So my dad rushed out and got me a FRER, and it came back with a super faint line, but a line nonetheless! Tested the next day with FMU with my other FRER and got a much more distinct line. Didn't dare try the other Clearblue 'til about a week or two later!!

I think the Clearblue digitals are more for calculating how far gone you are than early testing. I read somewhere that they only detect HCG levels of 50 mIU/ml whereas even Superdrug cheapies are 25, so therefore obviously more sensitive.

Congratulations!! smile

k4mi Wed 12-Feb-14 20:34:23

Thanks AK89...

I hope you are right, It seems it's quite common! I read a few other posts saying to open the digital test up and see if there are two lines (there pretty faint) but assume that means it is positive but Hcg is at a low ish level still so doesn't trigger the digital box thing. Fingers crossed!! I am going home to visit family on Friday and really want to be able to tell them some good news!

Twoprincessesistwiceasnice Wed 12-Feb-14 21:01:05

I had exactly this happen, and it wasn't even that faint on the first response test. I kept testing for around 5 days afterwards and still got negatives. I went to the drs and they did a blood test, it turned out I had had a chemical pregnancy. So I would advise u just to go to the doctors and explain and they will do a blood test and u will get the results the next day. It might be just that u are to early for the cheaper tests to pick it up but I would go to the drs and u will get a definitive answer x

Nomorepeppapig Fri 14-Feb-14 11:27:02

Did you re test op? Any news?

k4mi Sun 16-Feb-14 20:41:04


Sadly not good news unfortunately! So on Friday morning I had a negative despite having really strong symptoms. Felt much much more sick than when pregnant with DD and totally exhausted, anyway got my period (4 days late) yesterday so I think it must have been a chemical pregnancy to cause the positives and then negatives. Not a nice experience but I spose I have learnt not to test too early next time and try and stay positive. On the up side I feel back to normal and not hideusly ill as was doing for the last few days of it. Seems strange as I would have thought hormones would have been less and so less symptoms (?) but I felt terrible. Not made better by being away for the weekend but at least it took my mind off things a bit.

Anyone got any happy stories about going on to conceive after a chemical pregnancy? Need to hear some positivity :-)

HannahG315 Sun 16-Feb-14 21:47:47

I had a chemical pregnancy in Jan and was told i might have trouble getting pregnant and even if I did I'd likely miscarry.

Now 36wks+5 gringringringrin - was even told this baby wouldn't go past 12wks, then prepped for a premature labour!

Relax and keep an eye on ovulation dates.

Btw, use tests that use pink dye instead of blue, apparently the blue can leave evaporation lines which look like faint positives, I had this many many times xxxx

rosiepuppy Mon 17-Feb-14 08:44:08

I think I had a positive test this morning smile I did one the other day when my period didn't start and had a very faint second line but I didn't think anything of it.... I did the test again today (5 days late and very tender bobs) and I still have the faint line, I am reading it correctly as positive aren't I? I don't want to get mine and my husbands hopes up.

k4mi Mon 17-Feb-14 14:07:39

Hi rosiepuppy, fingers crossed it works out for you :-) I think I knew for me it was odd as with DD had a strong line from day before my period was due so seemed strange. If concerned you can go to the Dr and they will test you there and then (well mine did). Good luck!

eurochick Mon 17-Feb-14 14:13:57

hannah who told you that and did they give reasons? Chem pregs are extremely common and most people have no trouble conceiving again after one. In the days before sensitive tests were available, most people wouldn't have any idea that they were having one! Mcs are also very common and one mc does not increase the odds of having more.

HannahG315 Mon 17-Feb-14 14:39:01

The chemical pregnancy was confirmed with blood tests.

The whole issues were due to scarring believed to be left by endometriosis.- not sure if the chem pregnancy was connected to this, investigations stopped when I got pregnant

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