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Sex during pregnancy?

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SpineInABap Tue 11-Feb-14 18:08:03

Hello, my DW (yes I'm a man) is almost 14wks pregnant. We haven't had sex since getting the positive result, and to be honest it was the last thing on my mind as I was so happy that we had managed to conceive, and slightly worried about the idea of ahem "poking around" in the general location of the baby!

I know all the advice is that sex is perfectly fine during pregnancy, but I can't shake the feeling that it's doesn't quite seem "right". I would be devastated if we put our short term desires above the health of the baby, and something went wrong.

I know I'm being a bit stupid. My DW has started asking when we can have sex again, and of course I would like to, but I'm still worried.

Can anyone else's experience help to put my mind at rest?


HelenHen Tue 11-Feb-14 18:13:07

Consider yourself lucky she still wants to do it smile . In all seriousness though, it's perfectly fine. We did it a lot less cos yeh, it was a bit odd at Times, but it's still safe and apparently even recommended.

cathpip Tue 11-Feb-14 18:17:23

It's absolutely fine smile. However my dh has now refused sex till after baby is born as he finds sex with me at 32 weeks pregnant wierd!

SpineInABap Tue 11-Feb-14 20:01:45

Cheers, that's good to hear.

I guess there is only one thing left to do then!

MrsRV Tue 11-Feb-14 20:04:42

no sex with DD1 as had bleeding on & off... drs said it was still fine though but like u, we woukd never have forgiven ourselves!

27 weeks with DD2 and this time we've been doing the deed frequently. somewhere in my mind I have it that its good for softening the cervix and will keep me supple for the birth... I think this is completely made up though. no probs with bleeding this time despite "the deed" - go for it!!!

yummystepford Tue 11-Feb-14 20:18:30

The increased blood flow after she orgasms increases the nutrients delivered to the baby, as it is the blood that delivers the nutrients to the baby. The happy, lovely hormones produced is also good for her and your baby. It is proven to be good for baby.

I am 23 weeks and have been having lots of sex with my dp, it's been just as fun and adventurous and furious (hahaha) as we would normally. It's only now that my bump is getting bigger that we have had to alter positions!

I know if it feels wrong, it doesn't matter what anyone says it will still feel wrong. Just give it a go, and I'm sure your thoughts will change!

fourlegstwolegs Tue 11-Feb-14 20:48:37

We did it right up until the night before DS was born. And we did it a LOT!
It's fine. I think yummy is right. It's good for the baby!

puggywug81 Tue 11-Feb-14 22:55:32

It's absolutely fine, if you and your wife still feel in the mood go for it, I'm 34 weeks now with my 1st and have been having sex at least once a week. I actually feel more attractive with my pregnant shape strangely!

Also I have to ask are you an Alan Partridge fan? (screen name)

SpineInABap Wed 12-Feb-14 05:36:54

Thanks again for the reassurance, clearly it's our duty if it's actually good for the baby!

And yes Puggy I am a massive Alan Partridge fan!

puggywug81 Wed 12-Feb-14 08:41:36


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