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Advise Please

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xxx28xxx Tue 11-Feb-14 12:22:12


I posted last week as I have been having dizzy spells to the point where I keep nearly fainting. I had bloods done on Friday which have come back normal (iron levels are fine, urine is fine etc) and although my bp is raised it is still considered to be within the normal range. I've spoken to my mw twice now as I really am concerned as I am nearly fainting on a daily basis but she tells me it's normal and due to a drop in blood pressure.

I keep getting dizzy spells, blurry vision and tightness when breathing along with palpatations sometimes. They started off being worse in the morning on the way to work (despite me eating breakfast and drinking a pint of water) but now I am getting these "attacks" in evening and sometimes during the day. i don't tend to have more than one episode a day but after having one I generally feel drained and ligh headed for a few hrs. This has be going on for 2 weeks now and has been prgoressively getting worse.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm 27 wks pregnant and I am getting more and more freaked out by them as I'm terrified I'm going to pass out on the street or in a shop.

Misty9 Tue 11-Feb-14 13:43:12

Sounds frightening for you sad if your iron is fine, and bp not too low, do you think it could be anxiety attacks? It maybe started with normal pregnancy joys like feeling light headed and dizzy etc, but the fear of it happening again - or of passing out - could be maintaining the cycle, if you see what I mean?

If it is anxiety/panic, then it is VERY unlikely that you will pass out as your blood pressure would be too high (caused by the adrenaline). The after effects you describe do sound a lot like the aftermath of a panic attack - and anxiety can really ramp up in pregnancy. Try breathing out for longer than in when you experience the feelings, distract yourself in any way possible, be aware of any panicky thoughts and try to talk to yourself positively, eg. What's the worst that could happen etc.

Mention it to your midwife if you're worried. Are you anxious about the birth do you think? Try to make sure you've got time to de stress and relax. Panic is what keeps panic going, so try not to fear it (I know it's horrible) and tell yourself it won't kill you.

Keep getting regular checks by your midwife though, to ensure tins nothing physical.


purplemurple1 Tue 11-Feb-14 13:55:09

Do you think although your BP is slighty raised when checked becasue you are anxious with the midwife/GP but in reality day to day it is low?

For low BP you could try eating a bit more salt day to day, drinking lots of water.
Low blood sugar could be a cause so eat regualry (inc snacks between meals).

Have you noticed any pattern in when its triggered - standing up quickly, hot baths/shower etc that would point towards a cause?

xxx28xxx Tue 11-Feb-14 16:21:15

Thanks all for taking the time to respond. You are probably all right that it is something to do with my blood pressure and maybe i am making myself anxious worrying that i might have another attack which then makes one happen!

Will continue to drink lots of water and I am trying to eat small snacks every couple of hrs to keep blood sugars stable and bp up. I'm seeing mw next week for 28 wks bloods etc so will mention it to her again if it continues to happen.

Inglori0us Tue 11-Feb-14 16:46:33

I have had similar symptoms (I have very low BP though) and mine is due to breech large baby compressing my diaphragm and lungs. Is your bump quite high?
It could be anxiety skewing your BP results. Mine is always much higher at the hospital than it is at home.
If worried go to your local hospital for reassurance. I had tests to rule out anything really serious and it really did make me feel better.
Try to take it easy and as others have said drink lots of fluids (I was told at least 3l a day).
I'm 30 weeks btw.

xxx28xxx Tue 11-Feb-14 17:42:43

I think baby is currently breech inglori0us and all to one side as I feel pain sometimes high up on my right with lots of kicks low down in my pelvis, he rarely seems to move from this position. My bump is pretty high too and has been since about 20 wks which is when breathlessness first started but has def got worse as ive got bigger. I will ask mw about his position next week.

Glad it didn't turn out to be anything serious for u, it's quite scary when these things happen eh!

Thanks for tip about 3l water, I'm normally having 2 a day and thought that was fine but must be under drinking!

SweetPea86 Tue 11-Feb-14 22:36:08

Did they mention any thing about thyroid, I know palpitations can be linked with overactice or underactive thyroid.

Not nice to feel like that hope you feel better soon

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