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Low amniotic fluid at 36w3d. Your experiences please??

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floatyflo Tue 11-Feb-14 09:55:41

I had a growth scan yesteday (due to raised bmi, 32. My hospitals policy.). Sonographer discovered I have low fluid - 5cm. After a ctg and internal check, baby is fine and growing well, and I am not leaking fluid.

Got to go back regualry for ctg monitoring and weekly scans. If fluid gets lower or baby becomes distressed could be induced.

I feel a little woried but feel well looked after, dissappointed that the calm relaxing homebirth wont be happening now, but would rather be hosptial now as I know low fluid means higher risk of cord compression, baby pooing in womb, etc.

Anyway, does anyone else have experience of this? What happened? Did you labour naturally or have to be induced? How was baby in the end?

floatyflo Tue 11-Feb-14 21:26:25


Claryrocks Tue 11-Feb-14 21:42:03

I didn't have much fluid with ds. Not sure how much but enough for them to comment on it. (We had growth scans too). Made total sense to me as was second baby and I felt kicks so much more than with dd. it was actually uncomfortable. My waters went at 37 weeks and all was fine. Try not to worry - good they've discovered that and can monitor you. Good luck x

Fishlegs Tue 11-Feb-14 21:45:35

I had this too with my last baby. There's a Cochrane review which says if you drink 2 litres of water a day you can increase amniotic fluid levels. I did this and at the next scan the fluid levels had improved and they let me have a home birth.

Will see if I can find a link.

Fishlegs Tue 11-Feb-14 21:47:37


cowsarescary Tue 11-Feb-14 21:56:58

I started to leak at 30 weeks. Managed to keep ds in until 38.5 weeks.

I ended up with a caesarian because of placental abruption but up till then had assumed a vaginal birth would be on offer - no-one said otherwise.

I was down to a few cm at one point. drinking vast amounts of water helped replenish levels.

Good luck.

Nocomet Tue 11-Feb-14 22:08:48

DD1 had low fluid levels and eventually stopped growing, I went into labour naturally (well after DTD) about 12hours before I was due to be induced.

She was born at 39 weeks weighing 6lb 2oz

She's just brought me a cup of tea, she's 16 and taller than me.

Strokethefurrywall Wed 12-Feb-14 01:41:57

Had low levels with DS1 at my scan at 37+6 (on a Friday) but was also over 3cm dilated. OBGYN said that if the baby hadn't arrived by Monday that he was going to induce but DS had other ideas and rocked up 4 hours later.

He was fine, a little jaundiced but no adverse affects from low fluid levels.

A friend of mine was found to have pretty much zero waters at her scan at 37 or so weeks, she was in theatre having a section within 2 hours. Baby absolutely fine.

As long as you're being monitored (and you sound like your in pretty good hands) then you should be fine.

FixItUpChappie Wed 12-Feb-14 02:45:14

It was discovered I had low fluid with DS1 at end of 34 weeks. was sent for another ultrasound at start of 35 weeks. It was low enough that I was induced 2 hours after my ultrasound. This induction failed, as did the next one (and the next) so I ended up with a c-section 3 days later. Baby was fine aside from his sugars being a bit low.

floatyflo Wed 12-Feb-14 07:55:01

Thank you for your replies.

It's good to know that baby will be more than likely be just fine in the end but this worry in between is a bit much.

Next weds when I have the next scan, seems an age away.

Doctor at hospital told me to obviously keep an eye on things but now I feel paranoid at every little twitch and twinge. For example she has been quiet since last night and its normally first thing in the morning she has as good wriggle in there. Not sure if I am just overthinking it or if it is reduced movements. I have a midwife appoint. this morning so will mention it to her. Have felt her move but I'm sure it's not as usual.

God potentially another four weeks of this!

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