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Baby compressing diaphragm and lungs. Anyone else?

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Inglori0us Mon 10-Feb-14 16:24:45

I'm 30 weeks and been in A&E last week with severe shortness of breath and fatigue. Had ECG, chest X-ray and blood tests which were all fine. Baby is fine too.
Diagnosis is that my big, breech baby is pressing on my diaphragm and compressing my lungs. Not dangerous but really uncomfortable and tiring. I've got no chest pain but no matter how deeply I breathe I feel like I'm not getting enough air.
I've tried moving about as much as I can as I'm hoping he might turn and that'll reduce some of the pressure. Everything is so tiring though.
I'm worried this is just going to get worse as he grows bigger. I've got a growth scan on 27th and I guess my consultant will decide if they need to induce me a bit early.
Has anyone else suffered this?
Fed up.

Pinkbell123 Mon 10-Feb-14 17:10:31

Oh poor you, I had this too to the extent that I would faint as I couldn't catch my breath (low BP as well).mine was because existing scar tissue meant my diaphragm couldn't stretch enough.

All I can recommend is to take things very very slowly, honestly walk as slow as a snail and take breaks. It really is tough. Try to eat smaller meals as well as I found my stomach pushing on the diaphragm made it worse.

It will go if the baby drops,hopefully yours will turn, there's still loads of time.

Julietee Mon 10-Feb-14 17:19:29

I felt this to a much lesser extent before my baby turned around week 31-2. It also made my head, neck and chest feel all horrible and pressure-y.

Inglori0us Mon 10-Feb-14 18:00:24

There's hope then. Thanks!
My bump is measuring 36 weeks and growth scan 2 weeks ago showed him to be 98th centile so I'm hoping he'll turn soon!

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