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Changing NHS Trust - thoughts please.

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Iona1651 Mon 10-Feb-14 15:37:45

I met my fiancé when I lived with my mum. I had lots of problems and was under the doctor and sent to a specialist for treatment 'down there'. I more or less moved in with my fiancé who lives 1/2 hour from my mum's. I didn't want to change doctors at the time as I didn't want to start having to explain things again and I was already in the system. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and have my 20 week scan coming up. I want to change to the local doctors/hospital but my fiancé is worried as this is York and says the traffic is horrendous, he's worried about taking me and not getting there in time etc. Has anyone else changed trust? What happens if I'm at mum's when junior arrives - will I be able to go to the hospital local to her? Also, York hospital has more complaints than any local to my mum's for antenatal care - which is also worrying.

Any thoughts on this please?

RaRa1988 Mon 10-Feb-14 15:59:23

I've just changed trusts from Northumbria to Newcastle upon Tyne because of the attitudes of the consultant and midwife I came into contact with under Northumbria and because they were unwilling to help me get the care I need. I've literally just transferred and my consultant appt under Newcastle is on Wednesday, so I suppose I can't comment properly till then, but the transfer process was easy and the Supervisor of Midwives I've been dealing with has been fantastic - so far she's bent over backwards to be helpful and I really don't think she could do more than she's doing.

I used to live in York and the traffic through the city centre and to the hospital is bloody horrendous unless it's the dead of night. Presumably the women there manage to get there somehow though! I guess it just means a longer, possibly very frustrating, car journey, possibly at snail's pace. How far are you from York hospital?

And yes, if you go into labour, theoretically you can just turn up anywhere and they will deal with you. The only problem is that they will not have your back-up notes, so you really need to make sure you have your hand-held notes with you. Personally, I'd stay booked at whichever hospital you feel most comfortable at.

slightlyinsane Mon 10-Feb-14 16:43:34

I had 3 babies at York the mw team were amazing each time. They all listened to my thoughts and fully understood my panic after a bad labour first time (nothing to do with staff). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. As for travel time, it was never a problem. I went in at 3 different times of day and the longest journey was 35 mins from opposite side of York from 5 miles out. Just get to know various routes just incase. My last ds was a Friday at 5pm. The only thing I struggled with was the blinking speed bumps! Breath deeply for them.

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