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13+3 and feeling like a balloon.

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JustDanni Mon 10-Feb-14 15:19:08

This is my first pregnancy so its all very new and confusing so bear with me here.
Im pretty sure it's just bloating but I feel very puffy in the belly.
I am not pooching out very much though.
When in the car, bumps and corners seem to be amplified through my belly. It's a very strange sensation.
Also my back has started getting sore after standing and walking for anymore than a couple of hours and my left hip has been in agony though the night.
Really hoping this doesn't carry on for too long as it's it's been pretty rough already with Hyperemesis.

I can't help but be surprised wiwith the aches and pains this early on.
Any of you ladies had this much trouble at this stage or am I losing my mind?

Twinsplusonesurprise Mon 10-Feb-14 23:07:57

Apart from the hyperemesis I think I had all those other aches and pains.
It's weird, all the changes in your body early on mean a lot of discomfort. Then it settles down, you feel great, then it gets really uncomfy till baby comes. You should find by 16ish weeks you'll feel fab. (Am slightly jealous of all your excitement to come even tho my DTs are 2.8 and DS 4mo!)

jen2014 Tue 11-Feb-14 13:56:06

Bloating is really common at this stage, makes you feel like you're about 3 months more pregnant than you are! Can also feel very uncomfortable. The other aches and pains are your ligaments stretching out, which - weirdly - does start to happen very early on due to hormone changes which relax everything.
As the other poster said it should settle down by 14-16 weeks, as will the hyperemesis hopefully!, and you'll then feel great until much later on. Your stomach should also shrink after the bloating and you'll barely feel pregnant.

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