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BFP yesterday, need some advice please

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MB34 Mon 10-Feb-14 08:55:09

After 6 months of TTC DC2, I finally got a BFP yesterday and need some advice reassurance please.

I did a test yesterday in the middle of my mum dying my hair, really didn't think it would be positive as my cycle had been between 24-26 days and it was day 23 (also because it wasn't FMU)! Just thought I'd do one as I'd been dizzy and really exhausted the past few days. Now I'm worrying that I shouldn't have dyed my hair! I'm not normally a worrier about this kind of thing but just need some reassurance.

Also, I did another test this morning just to make sure (different test to the one yesterday) - the instructions said to wait 3 mins, if no line wait another minute. Well, after 4 minutes there was the faintest (pink) line but after 10/20 minutes it was really dark. Does this mean anything or just that I'm really early on!? (I tested 5 days late with my first so got a really dark line straight away)

Last question - I had really low iron levels during my last pg and took one or two sachets of spatone a day from when they did the first blood tests (12/14 weeks ish??). Do you think I should start taking them now? As I said I've been exhausted the last few days (even with sleeping lots!) and have had a headache for 24 hours too.


Rockchick1984 Mon 10-Feb-14 09:23:01


Hair dye - you're fine to keep dyeing your hair throughout pregnancy, just try to keep the room well ventilated.

Line on test - if it was visible in the time it says on the instructions then it's a positive. It's occasionally possible to get evaporation lines that appear later but if your line was there in the 4 mins then it's definitely positive.

Iron levels - up to you, it won't do you any harm to take it again. Are you taking prenatal vitamins as they also contain iron?

MB34 Mon 10-Feb-14 09:43:17

Thanks for your reply - very reassuring. Maybe I'll test in a few days again just to make sure!

Actually, I am taking Boots conception support tablet which have 100% RDA of iron - I didn't think of that. I assume I'm still able to take these now I'm pg - I'll check in Boots today.

Thanks again

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