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ashley2212 Sun 09-Feb-14 13:11:12

hi all
Just need a but of advice really
Me and my partner found out 2 weeks ago we were expecting.
its my 2nd child and his 1st.
I have just found out today that his exes family go too my same drs and have seen me and my partner in there with our maternity book and talking about the baby.
They have gone back and told her.
She has now posted it on social networking sites!!
Not directly saying our names but everyone knows it is about us
And now a lot of people know.
The reason I'm so upset is i'm only 6 weeks!!
Part of his family don't know yet sad
So so upset

whiteblossom Sun 09-Feb-14 13:37:42

I don't know what to suggest but I'd be furious.

I got spotted at gp's too but by someone that works there- but at least she HAS to keep her gob shut! I was told by MW that one lady requested to climb out the window to avoid her neighbour seeing her...So I suspect a common problem.

twinnymumstephanie Sun 09-Feb-14 15:46:27

What I did to avoid people seeing me was I took a large bag and put the pregnancy pack inside it. Obviously, it's slightly too late for you now but maybe for others' worried about being seen, it could be a solution.

Screw his ex, tbh. Obviously a very immature and bitter woman to have written about your life on a social networking site. She's jealous, plain and simple.

Hold your head high and think about you and your baby. And if anyone asks you about it, just say that you are over the moon about the baby and anyone else's opinion on it other than your partner's means absolutely nothing to you.

Congratulations on your pregnancy smile

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