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Twinklestar3 Sat 08-Feb-14 12:15:57

Hi, I am currently 10 weeks pregnant. I had a mc in June 2013 and a mmc in October 2013 (I do have two children, (also had a mc in-between them). I had a scan about 10 days ago due to spotting and everything looked ok, I am due to be rescanned for reassurance on 11/2. I have no symptoms of pregnancy (not unusual for me) can't feel uterus, am so very very scared that I will find out this is another mmc. I can't talk to family or friends as no one understands. Any others in same position as me?? X

AmelieRose Sat 08-Feb-14 12:27:53

Hi Twinklestar. I empathise with you entirely - I had a horrible mc experience last December when I had to have 5 scans week after week before being told our baby wasn't viable.

I'm now 21 weeks pregnant, and have had a bit of bleeding and spotting which has made me sick with worry after the last time. Everything is fine though.

You have to try to remain positive and not let past experiences spoil this pregnancy. Remember every pregnancy is different, so try not to overthink the lack of symptoms. Have you seen the heartbeat yet?

Keeping fingers crossed for your next scan, take care and be kind to yourself! X

Whiteshoes Sat 08-Feb-14 12:27:57

Hallo. That sounds really hard for you. Have you had any investigations into whyyou've miscarried?

I have also had several mcs, and at a reassurance scan with an obstetrician, he said that once you see the heartbeat, which presumably you have at your last scan, you've a 98 per cent chance of a successful pregnancy. I couldn't quite believe it myself, but I guess it makes sense. Anyway, you have a heartbeat. Be consoled!

squizita Sat 08-Feb-14 12:35:19

Twinkle join the pregnant after miscarriage thread... we all understand 100%!

If it's any comfort I am under treatment for sticky blood - felt very few symptoms, scared out of my wits but have had 2 scans with hb seen. Some strong pregnancies have no symptoms and it can vary even with the same mum.

Twinklestar3 Sat 08-Feb-14 12:38:15

Thank you for your replies, we did see a heart beat at last scan, which did reassure me then. But with mmc in October we had also seen a heartbeat at 8 weeks, I paid for a private scan at 11 weeks as I just didn't "feel right" and it was discovered then that baby had died a couple of days after that 8 week scan. It's so very hard to remain positive, I was in a very dark place back in oct/nov and while we absolutely want this pregnancy I am terrified of going back to that place in my head. In some ways I am even preparing myself for bad news on Tuesday , a way of trying to protect myself I guess. Some people may think I am off my rocker but until you have been there it's very hard to understand. My hubby is very supportive, and close friends are there if I need them but as no one has experienced the same as me I think they find it hard.
Because the mc's haven't all been in a row they won't investigate, but if this time it goes wrong then we aren't going to try again (age is against us both, and is prob mother natures way of saying no) xx

Twinklestar3 Sat 08-Feb-14 12:39:41

Thank you squizita , will have a look for it. Only joined today as am going nuts with worry! Xx

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