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Feeling sad that I'm not enjoying this pregnancy.

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Nomorepeppapig Sat 08-Feb-14 08:02:04

With my DD I loved every minute. I was even a little sad once I had her cos I missed my bump and being pregnant. This time around I feel so different. I have PGP and I'm in so much pain a lot of the time. Plus I'm so tired all the time. Im 17 weeks and thought I would feel better by now. I feel sad that I just want it over. sad

mummie2b1987 Sat 08-Feb-14 08:25:33

Aw Hun the tiredness is a killer isn't it! This is my first pg and very much planned, but now at 37+3 i just want this over! I also have spd and since baby has dropped into my pelvis I'm in agony so I know how you feel!!
Pgp or spd both are horrendous! I was diagnosed at about 14 weeks and luckily it hasn't been too bad but since last Monday Its becoming unnbareable sad I applaud you being pregnant with another dc in tow!!!there is no way I would be able to cope looking after another dc! So well done and just keep going! Take it a day at a time- genuinely my pregnancy has gone soooo fast I can't believe my due date is nearly here so hoping yours goes as quickly grin

I thought I'd enjoy being pg as I wanted it sooo much but spd has seriously made me think about whether I could do it all again sad I had a tough time in the 1st tri with tiredness and it got better at the start of the 2nd and then again from about 22 weeks hit another tired phase- luckily it passed and even now at the stage I'm at I'm not tired due to hormones etc it's just lack of sleep due to spd and generally bit being comfy as I'm bloody huge! Ha! I think it's natural to feel exhausted anyway but when your looking after another dc aswell it must be worse so I do really feel for you hmm but it will get better smile xxxxx

Nomorepeppapig Sat 08-Feb-14 08:35:31

Thanks for your message mummie. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm so glad I didn't have this first time round or I'm not sure I would have done it again. Did they give you a belt? I'm getting one next week just wondering if they help?

Wuxiapian Sat 08-Feb-14 13:31:25

Sorry to hear you're both suffering. I am, too.

I'm 36+3 and spd has full grip of me. I'm in agony all the time. Sleep? What's that?!

I also have a 12 month old and really struggling doing the normal, day-to-day things - playgroups have been knocked on the head completely, as has shopping and cooking. I'm very luck to have a DP who helps as much as he can.

Can't wait for this discomfort to end and I can feel human and a part of life again!

I've been advised to use the belt and birthing ball. Can't say as they help, really.

mummie2b1987 Sat 08-Feb-14 19:03:05

Tbh my drs and midwife have been no help at all with the spd! I bought a maternity support band from mothercare which helps slightly but still it hurts like hell! I have a birthing ball and whilst it is comfy to sit on and bounce on as soon as I'm off it I'm back to square one!

You both have my sympathies!!! It's bloody horrible! I'm going for a mum to be massage tomorrow I hope this makes me feel relaxed!!! I can't wait!! Xxxx

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