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So, nct classes...

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Mitchell2 Fri 07-Feb-14 22:43:09

Did anyone miss a one of them? I have realised that the first one is on a date in which we possibly could not be able to go to now but don't really know how important it will be. It's a course of them over a few weeks not a full day. Thoughts/experiences?

SweetPeaPods Fri 07-Feb-14 22:48:07

We did a course of 7 or 8 evenings. If you miss 1 should be ok, I would email the course leader & let them know. She should be able to email you a handout. Some of my group missed a couple.

LCHammer Fri 07-Feb-14 22:50:39

You'll be fine. Ask the teacher to introduce you to the group, in case they've already made friends.

lucidlady Fri 07-Feb-14 22:57:02

Two of the couples in our group missed the first session. I don't think it really mattered, to be honest.

pasbeaucoupdegendarme Fri 07-Feb-14 23:05:37

Not quite the same, I know, but when I think back on it one of our couples missed most of our first session as they got the wrong venue. Hasn't made a difference to our "bond" as friends, and I don't think it made much difference to their understanding of childbirth smile

Mitchell2 Fri 07-Feb-14 23:07:55

Thanks ladies. Much appreciated

Julietee Sat 08-Feb-14 11:03:13

Well, you certainly won't be missing much information-wise (unless you have done no reading at all). I don't think it'll make much of a difference friends-wise either. We were all quite shy and reserved the first session.

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