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SPD and spotting

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Misty9 Fri 07-Feb-14 21:53:14

I'm 31wks and had a bit of red blood when wiping tonight...but my SPD is really bad today (since doing antenatal Pilates on Wednesday) and I wondered whether the two could be linked?

Atbeckandcall Sat 08-Feb-14 09:29:02

Call the hospital my love. I had this too at 32 weeks, the hospital checked me over and sent me home the next morning, everything was fine but I had to really look after myself and do nothing. Take care x

Misty9 Sat 08-Feb-14 09:32:04

Thanks for reply - there's been nothing since so I'll just try to rest I think and ignore the state of the house

Atbeckandcall Sat 15-Feb-14 20:22:15

Absolutely do nothing with the house!!
Rest rest rest! X

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