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lighthearted - but wax in 30 mins what do you recommend?

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Wombat79 Fri 07-Feb-14 14:34:15

39 weeks pregnant - last wax.

haven't groomed for the majority of pregnancy (well since I haven't been able to see anything) and need to do this for myself more than anything however, are there any practical recommendations? High bikini or brazilian? Just wonder if postnatally or during labour whether less is better?

thanks for your advice ladies

PastaandCheese Fri 07-Feb-14 19:35:04

I think just do what you usually do. I have an extended bikini wax so just kept up with that.

Tomkat79 Fri 07-Feb-14 20:42:23

What did you go for OP?! Bet that hurt like a b**ch! I can't even bear to get my eyebrows threaded atm!

MrsJK Fri 07-Feb-14 21:19:43

This actually made me cringe Wombat shock shock shock

PastaandCheese Fri 07-Feb-14 23:16:50

If you book hot wax rather than strip wax it really isn't that bad.

Wuxiapian Sat 08-Feb-14 13:35:41

Wombat-, you are one brave lady!!

Wombat79 Sat 08-Feb-14 20:34:54

Oh my goodness it was so much more painful than normal! I'm still smarting a day later. Had a Brazilian in the advice of a friend. I couldn't recommend it.

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