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Oblique baby - grr!

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Cariad007 Fri 07-Feb-14 09:45:36

My baby was head down at 28 weeks and then transverse at my next two GP appointments. I did lots of spinning babies postures, spent time on my hands and knees and then at my 36 week midwife appointment he was head down again and slightly engaged so I relaxed. But I went to the GP yesterday for my 38 week check up (am 39 weeks tomorrow though convinced the hospital has my due date wrong - another story) and she didn't think he was head down any more and was probably oblique now. She said not to worry about it but given that time is running out I am worrid!

Has anyone's baby turned at the last minute? I know at nearly 39 weeks he must be running out of room and am so gutted as I really really don't want a c-section and have had such a good pregnancy. I think a lot of hospitals want to admit you immediately and keep you in too, which I'm not keen on, especially as I only live five minutes away. Am going to do lots of yoga and inversions etc and call the midwife on Monday to see if she can have a feel. The doctor wasn't sure so am just hoping she was wrong.

Seeline Fri 07-Feb-14 09:48:04

I'd ask for a scan to confirm the position - although my GP always said that the MWs were much better at feeling the position than drs were so you may have better luck on Monday. Neither dr or MW could tell my DDs head from her bum, and I had to have a scan!!

highlove Fri 07-Feb-14 10:45:20

There was a thread yesterday where this came up. Think it was called 'feel the bump' or similar. A lovely midwife (catchesthenightttrain I think was her name) who said oblique babies often turn and drop once labour has started - the contractions get them where they need to be.

Out of interest, why would the hospital keep you in if it's oblique? I've got my 36 week check next week and my baby is currently somewhere between head down and oblique; I know I've got a while for it to move but has been in this position for at least a month now. So am preparing myself for worst case scenario!

Cariad007 Fri 07-Feb-14 13:27:36

I've heard they do that for transverse babies so wasn't sure about oblique, but it depends on each hospital's policy. Apparently transverse increases the risk of cord prolapse (cord coming out before baby) if your waters go and this can be dangerous so they like to keep you in until your due date to monitor you in case that happens. However a lot of women start contractions before their waters go and even when they do it's not usually in a great big gush. I guess the hospital just wants to keep their backs covered in case of legal action but I can't imagine many women would relish spending the last few weeks on pregnancy on an antenatal ward!

Foxeym Fri 07-Feb-14 17:00:07

My DS was oblique lie at every appointment and I had to have a CS but I was having one anyway due to 2 previous CS. Everything was absolutely fine, apparently mine was due to my stomach muscles being wrecked from previous pregnancies and therefore giving DS more room to stretch out diagonally!

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