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Homebirth - pool or not?

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Misty9 Thu 06-Feb-14 19:17:35

Last time we planned a homebirth and hired a pool. Had it blown up and everything...then was induced. Ah well. Planning another homebirth, but not sure whether to bother with the pool?

Anyone have experience of either option? Didn't get one but wish you did? Or vice versa? I don't really like swimming...if that makes a difference?! grin we do have a big deep bath - is that adequate? I have fast labours (well, a sample of one so far!) so does that make it less worth it?

I have had two home water birthdays I would say get a pool. Preferablyonr you can hire that's a set up in advance and heated so if you labour is fast you can just hop in at the right time.

For my first baby the labour was longer and I had to get out of the pool a couple of times to try and make things happen. It was very uncomfortable compared to being supported in warm water

Good thing about the heated ones is that it's the proper temperature all the time. Total bliss for lounging in before the birth toogrin

Good luck

Water births..not birthdays!

LavenderFox Thu 06-Feb-14 21:24:21

Definitely get one, they are the strongest form of pain relief after epidural, and if you are also planning to use gas&air you can use it in the pool.

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