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Precipitous first labours (under 3 hours) what was your second like?

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McBaby Thu 06-Feb-14 17:51:20

My first labour was fast and less than 2 hours and slightly scared about no 2 due in 11 weeks. Especially being by myself in the house with a toddler.
What were your experiences?

Sahkoora Thu 06-Feb-14 21:01:57

Mine was very quick the second time too, but it wasn't any quicker. Which was lucky, as DH was 20 miles away and we had to drop DS1 at my mum's, who insisted on coming out to the car for a chat!

Mintymoomoo Thu 06-Feb-14 21:18:09

I had precipitous labours with all three of mine!

1st woke with pains, but they were back to back with no break! phoned hospital who told me I couldn't be labour as I was still talking.... Phoned my mum crying and she told me to ignore and go stright in, arrived at hospital and was trying to a very snotty midwife who told me that " she said I should of stayed at home" with that I told them head was out and delivered there and then in assessment ward (45 mins after waking)

2nd woke at 7.45am with period like pain, went to hospital didn't even phone, only had one mild contraction in car hospital gave me internal at 8.30am was 7cm sat around chatting ti midwife for 15 mins contractions started thick and fast at 8.45am dd was born at 9am

3rd had streach and swipe at 10am and was already 4 cm, midwife told me not to go to bed that night if I wanted baby in hospital, nothing happened all day, went out with friends and 7 kids to park etc, stayed up that night and at 1am following morning was getting tightnings no pain, went into hospital and nothing just tightnings at 2.20am had internal was only 5cm, stright away contractions start and went from 5cm to having dd in 12 mins!

I'm now pregnant with number 4 and seriously thinking about home birth

purpleminion Fri 07-Feb-14 10:15:31

On my first I got to 2cm dilated with a few manageable pains and then went to 2cm to delivery in under an hour. Like Minty I had trouble convincing the midwife I was in labour.

Second time round dd1 was 2 and like you I was very nervous about being at home with dd in case anything happened. In the end I started getting manageable pains late at night so DH was at home. MIL lives very close so came to mind dd and we went straight to hospital - 40 mins drive. It was awful - I was in full labour and pushing by the time we reached the hospital and gave birth within minutes of arriving. The entire thing was under 2 hours.

After having dd1 I asked about the liklihood of it being quick again and found the midwives to be quite dismissive. One told me that 1 quick labour was no indication that the next would be fast.

I think if you go into labour at home and it feels like it is moving quickly dial 999 and a parent/friend/family member, leave the door unlocked and make sure your dc is safely in the room with you and keep the phone close to hand.

Best of luck.

craftynclothy Fri 07-Feb-14 10:24:27

My first labour was slightly under 2 hours. Like others, midwife didn't believe I was in labour (long story - I had been checked over as waters had broken, so they kept telling me I wasn't in labour and to stop over-reacting hmm )

Second time round I used an independent midwife and they had prepared me for what to do if I had another quick labour and was alone in the house. I had towels in every room, kept my mobile with me and they told me to kneel to give birth.

As it turns out, my second was 20 hours shock but she was back-to-back. Once she'd turned it was about 20 minutes.

Chasingsquirrels Fri 07-Feb-14 10:32:40

1st was about 2.5 hours, from waters breaking to baby in arms. 30 mins from waters to 1st contraction - so actual labour about 2 hours.

I was concerned about another dast labour, and not getting to hospital so I planned for a home birth with 2nd.

2nd was 15 mins from first contraction (4 or 5 in total) to baby in arms. Unassisted homebirth (dh stood on the other side of the room cutting some bubblewrap for the bed as I delivered ds2 myself) with no complications.
DH called 999, ambulance arrived well before midwife - who had been called when my waters went, 10 mins before 1st contraction. They looked at me and ds2 from about 2 metres away and then went downstairs to have a cup of tea while they waited for midwife (they only stayed in case of complications and because they didn't have another call to go to).
MW turned up about an hour after ds2, and placenta took nearly another hour after that - but no one seemed very worried and everything was fine and we cleared up and went to bed (he was born just before midnight).

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