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Is this normal?

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xxx28xxx Thu 06-Feb-14 11:04:42


I'm 26 weeks and for the last week or so i've been getting really bad dizzy spells, this morning was the worst as I nearly fainted. Basically I feel like all the blood is draining down to my feet, my heart races and I get blurry vision. I tend to only get this in the morning even though I've eaten breakfast and drunk a pint of water. I do tend to get a racing heart quite a lot though especially when lying down at night (I lie on my side and not my back).

Anyway is this normal and is it worth calling my mw? I am due to see her in a week and half anyway so don't want to waste her time if this is normal but at the same time I hate feeling like this and I'm worried I might actually faint on the street when walking to/from work.

Any advise would be great! Thanks

Plentyoffish Thu 06-Feb-14 11:06:23

I think you should give your midwife a call.

This could mean you have low Iron & need supplements.

Best to get yourself checked out.

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