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8 weeks with no.2 and SPD is back already ...

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KatharineClover Thu 06-Feb-14 08:44:21

Hi everyone,
i'm feeling a little down about getting my first SPD pains this pregnancy - 10 weeks earlier than pregnancy no.1. I waited the 2.5-3 years between pregnancies I was advised to, and did my postnatal exercises from the physio - just feeling anxious about how I will manage. Last time, at its worst, I couldn't walk to the corner shop, had to climb the stairs on my bum, spend the day in bed trying not to move etc, Any tips for coping with a lively almost 3 year old? I work part time but I teach in the community so have to transport a lot of equipment around - carrying boxes of laptops up and down stairs yesterday left me very stiff and achy. I'm going to ring my midwife today about a physio referral and have managed to dig out my old support belt. Is there anyone else with SPD available for some handholding and sympathy? smile
Thanks xx

Blondebrunette1 Thu 06-Feb-14 08:51:45

Hi, I had SPD in my first pregnancy and towards the end found things very difficult, but despite it being agony I didn't actually seek physio as i felt I could manage as I knew two famy members with much more severe cases and I didn't need crutches or a wheelchair, still I screamed getting out of bed and almost cried when I stood up yet walking was sore but sitting could be worse-I remember how unpleasant it was but anyway when I fell pregnant with number 2 I got early signs and pains the same and to my surprise they actually died down and I suffered less in the end whereas I prepared myself for it to be worse. Hope it's the same for you. X

Pixielady83 Thu 06-Feb-14 09:20:10

you have my sympathies, I've had it in 3 pregnancies sad this time round I was very strict about not lifting or pushing anything heavy, are there any adjustments work can make so others can lift/deliver equipment for you? might be worth getting an occupational health referral if offered by your work to request this. Most organisations offer pregnant women risk assessments so you could mention it in this too. I've also found the support belts essential this time round, and have had reflexology sessions which really helped keep me on my feet. I was on crutches at 28 wks and at 36+4 have managed to avoid them thus far!

Regarding the 3 year old, I have one too and we have spent a lot of time at soft play the last couple of months! she can climb in and out of her car seat so that helps. At home we do a lot of painting, stickers, games like snap etc, anything where I can sit down! I am very fortunate to have her in preschool 3 days though and family support most other days.

KatharineClover Thu 06-Feb-14 16:04:04

Thanks for your encouraging words blondebrunette1 I hope acting early can stabilise things so they don't get worse. I rang my mw and they have done the referral over the phone smile
On your advice pixielady83 I have emailed my boss and we're meeting Monday to discuss a risk assessment. Unluckily DSs car seat is high (it reclines, so the base is huge) so I have to lift him in - in hindsight not a good purchase! I too have willing family nearby, and DS starts preschool in April (but I'm thinking possibly earlier now!) but I am ridiculous in that I hate asking for help (preferring to soldier on, then moan - why, I don't know?!!? Martyr complex from my mum I guess haha) so I need to have some stern words with myself about asking for help.
Thanks to you both x

fairypangolin Thu 06-Feb-14 16:19:19

Hi - I also had SPD in my first pg quite badly (on crutches by 32 wks) and when I started to get the pains around 18 weeks with my second I was preparing for the worst. However, to my complete surprise I had no pain after about 22 weeks. I kept expecting it to come back but it didn't and I had the baby in October. Last time round it took 2 years to recover but this time I am absolutely fine and have been walking upwards of 10km a day pushing the pram with no twinges at all. I can't see what was different with this pregnancy apart from that I was sitting at the office slightly less but not significantly.

So take heart, it might not turn out to be so bad! Good luck.

MightilyOats Fri 07-Feb-14 11:18:02

It may not be pure SPD - I got pelvic pain quite badly in my first pregnancy and it flared up again at 5 weeks this time round. I have seen the physio twice, first time it was mostly muscular aches and pains as my leg muscles were having to work extra hard to support my joints. That wore off around 12 weeks, but having problems with irritated ligaments. Nothing is out of alignment at the moment, its purely hormonal for me (which is pants as there's nothing that can be done).

What has helped for me is: walk little and often when you can, but stop before you get to the point where you get stiff (for me that's about 1/4 mile).

Give up hoovering if someone else can do it.

Ditch the supermarket and go over to online shopping (pushing a heavy trolley around isn't a good idea, and I get achy about 1/4 of the way around anyway.

Carry your child around if you have to with them central across your belly and both legs wrapped around you - on one hip is a recipe for disaster.

Try and avoid carrying him when asleep (my DS weighs a ton when he's asleep as a dead weight and that hurts my hips).

My physio said to try and keep a range of movement outwards if possible (so if you can step into the car then do that rather than swivelling) - but only do this if it is a hormonal ligament problem rather than a misalignment problem.

Hope your work is supportive! As PP has said it might not get worse - mine has improved a little over the past couple of weeks - even managed a longer walk without aching too much, but seems to come and go.

Catsize Fri 07-Feb-14 11:57:47

Pregnancy no.1 - started at 12wks, wheelchair and bed-bound by 32.
When it started this time at 6wks, I was gutted. However, has been much better than last time (now 38wks). I think this has been down to a combination of general awareness this time, fab osteopath, blue badge (!!!!), and memory foam mattress. Oddly, whilst the pain was all focussed at the front last time (horrible grinding etc), it has been the coccyx area that has given me most grief this time.
Good luck OP - it may not be as bad as you think. Sure, still hurts, and I am still in a wheelchair from time to time, but so much better.

KatharineClover Fri 07-Feb-14 14:00:32

Thanks so much for your positive stories fairypangolin mightilyoats and catsize and for the tips. I'm guessing mine is hormonal as (once I recovered from birth 1 at about 12 months)it seems to be building up. I always had the odd twinge when I got my period, but I think there might be a misalignment too (I fell from a climbing frame aged about 8 and landed with one of the bars hitting me between my legs - ow!) but when I saw the physios pre and postnatally they didn't every check my physically?
I shall take heart from your stories and hope that this might be as bad as it gets smile
Thank you xx

KatharineClover Fri 07-Feb-14 14:02:21

Oops, that should say: * every check me physically

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