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How was your first labour, compared to others you experienced?

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Celestae Wed 05-Feb-14 13:21:27

I am 30 weeks pg with my DS2 I'm excited, despite a few pregnancy hiccups, but It also strikes me that most people who I have spoken to about labour says the very labour they experienced were entirely different to the first.

I must admit I am a little apprehensive about labour number 2 but at the same time I am finding that I am more sure of what to expect... That is, so long as this labour is like my first.

What are your experiences of labour, and how were they different with each baby?

nomoreminibreaks Wed 05-Feb-14 13:45:47

My first birth was a bit of a mess really, induced due to high blood pressure and large baby, then waters broken, midwives didn't believe me when I said I was in labour so begged for an epidural thinking I must be very early on and have a very low pain threshold only to find after the epidural that I was actually almost fully dilated. This then slowed everything down and meant I couldn't push effectively so DS1 was eventually born using ventouse then forceps.

DS2 was born a month ago and I told myself I'd be more in control this time and stand up for myself. I also read about hypnobirthing and this gave me the confidence to believe that my body knows what to do. While labour was very fast and we only just made it to the hospital and into the pool in time. No pain relief and I feel like I finally got the birth I wanted.

happydutchmummy Wed 05-Feb-14 13:54:54

First labour was surprisingly slow to start off with, a few days of mild contractions but nothing really happening, I continued going to supermarket, etc as not really in active labour. Went into hospital at 3cm dilated, 3 hours later had reached 6 and then BAM dd flew out 20 minutes later, got a second degree tear though. So very quick for a first labour.

Second labour contractions started in the evening, but very mild, went to sleep. Got up in the morning and took dd to nursery. Went into hospital at 2 cm and still contracting irregularly but because 1st labour progressed so quickly they agreed to admit me. Spent 4 hours getting to 5cm, and then Whoosh, half hour later ds popped out. No stitches needed this time.

I do think I swore more during the second labour.

mandbaby Wed 05-Feb-14 14:26:04

My 2 previous labours couldn't be more different! With DS1 I started with mild pains on the saturday morning. By Saturday evening I was getting regular painful contractions but still bearable. By midnight I was in agony. Went to hospital at 2am and was 1-2cm. I was in agony so was given diamorphine (brilliant stuff - highly recommended). Dialated VERY slowly. At 1pm on the Sunday I was 10cm and spent 2 hours pushing before they tried a ventouse. This slipped off DS1's head twice (left a very large swelling that to this day hasn't completely gone - he's now 4YO). They then used forceps. He was born at 3.11pm.

With DS2. Waters broke at 1.30pm. Casually got ready and drove to hospital, arrived at 4pm. Very mild contractions. Got sent into a triage room and was finally examined at 6pm. I was told I was 2-3cm. Thinking I was going to be in for another 12 hours of dialating, I was feeling pretty narked off. Then all of a sudden, contractions got VERY painful, and I needed gas and air. He was born an hour later at 7.10pm. And we were back at home by 11pm that night.

MummytoMog Wed 05-Feb-14 14:27:23

First stage was similar in both labours, went into labour in the early hours of the morning, stayed at home for about twelve hours then went in. Very different from then onwards as my first child was malpresented and ended in an instrumental delivery in theatre. My second child crowned before I even knew I was pushing, and was a really great experience. So second stage the first time was six hours and the second time was six minutes. It can be true though that you don't realise you're ready to go, I didn't at all and the midwife was off making a cup of tea when DS's head popped out.

Celestae Wed 05-Feb-14 15:51:34

Wow it's all so different. My ds1 birth was fairly straight forward apart from a problem with his shoulder getting in the way and a second degree tear. It took 4 days all together but the full on labour bit only about 2 hours. I'm hoping I will be more in control this time.

The midwife hasn't yet discussed a birthing plan with me and this makes me a little nervous. But I'm bringing it up with her next time I see her.

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