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Insatiable appetite and weight gain!

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Writerwannabe83 Wed 05-Feb-14 12:41:47

I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant and over the last few weeks I have felt constantly hungry! I'm eating my meals as normal but can't stop snacking throughout the day either. I'm not just snacking because I'm bored, or because 'it's in the house' but because I genuinely feel hungry!! I try to draw out the snacks but then I get those awful hunger know the pains where you can't tell if you are hungry if you are going to be sick??

In the space of 4 hours I've had a bowl of cereal, 2 slices of toast, a Mars Bar, 2 cartons of Ribena, a packet of crisps and a breakfast bar.....and now my body is crying out for food again!! I'm desperate to go and get some lunch but all I'm thinking is, "How can I be hungry again?!"

I've put 6lbs of weight on in 6 days hmm

DitaVonCreamTeas Wed 05-Feb-14 12:51:27

Yup. I'm 35 weeks and reading this while shovelling handfuls of cheap (59p value pack!), nasty and unbelievably delicious bacon rasher crisps into my gob.

I do try and eat healthily as much as I can, but recently I want more and more 'junk'. I spent ages on Sunday trying to track down exactly the kind of white chocolate cookie I wanted, sadly I couldn't find it and had to make do with a huge butterscotch and pecan yumyum. Tough times. Burp.

dats Wed 05-Feb-14 12:55:07

Maybe try eating different stuff, wholefoods and fruit rather than crisps and sweet things (although I'm far from being preachy here because if there's crisps within reach I am not going to have a virtuous apple smile).

There's quite a lot of empty calories and sugar in that (delicious) feast you've had today, so it's maybe not that surprising that you still feel hungry?

Do you like milk? My favourite filler (and one daily hit of caffeine) is my mid-morning latte because it stops me snacking completely between breakfast and lunch. Also, skimmed milk, 0% fat Total Greek yog, banana, frozen blueberries blitzed in blender. Both take a while to consume as well.

Alternatively, start knitting - that def keeps my hands occupied grin

dats Wed 05-Feb-14 12:57:43

(and if I may further balance out the above by saying that last night I ate half a big bar of Dairy Milk, an Egg & Spoon thing and a bowl of Shreddies between 9-11pm)

dats, 29+1 (weeks, not stone - but then again...)

ILoveDHIDo Wed 05-Feb-14 14:04:21

I could've written this last week. I'm 34 weeks and my appetite has calmed down a bit. I put it down to baby having a growth spurt.

I've had toast, cereal, jacket with lots of cheese and beans, grapes and I'm looking forward to dinner haha. But I barely ate a thing yesterday cause I felt like shit..

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