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Stretch and sweep at 37 weeks - is this going to hurt?

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Domino666 Wed 05-Feb-14 12:07:01

Hi, I'm new here, joined today. I'm due on the 13th of March but have my first sweep booked for the 20th of Feb (37 weeks exactly), second sweep for the 24th of Feb and then induction at 38 weeks (27th of Feb). I'm worried at 37 weeks that the sweep is going to hurt and I'm wondering if anyone had one at this time to reassure me. I'm more concerned about the sweep than the actual labour for some bizarre reason.

It's an IVF pregnancy but the baby (girl) is fine. Consultant wants her out for my health, I've had Hyperemesis throughout the pregnancy with no let up and lost over 4 stone so I'm overjoyed to get labour started and stop vomiting.

Thanks in advance, Donna

SoonToBeSix Wed 05-Feb-14 12:07:56

No, I have had several sweeps and didn't find them painful just very slightly uncomfortable.

Pinkbell123 Wed 05-Feb-14 12:15:44

I had a sweep on Monday at 38+3 and whilst the sweep itself didn't hurt I did have some bad period like pains for a couple of hours after. I'd wear a pad if I were you as I bled a bit with mine.

Good luck!

CuppaSarah Wed 05-Feb-14 12:21:06

I've only had one whilst I was in early labour. It was a little painful, but at that point everything was a bit achey. Had I have not been in early labour I don't think it would be sore. I'd compare it to stubbing a toe, a quick ouch then a slight dull ache for a bit, nothing major.

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