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Coughing and weeing myself - anything i can do?!

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YoshimiB Wed 05-Feb-14 10:13:11

I am 33 wks and have had a cough for a while. Its not awful but making me really breathless and i think is responsible for me being sick a few times last couple of days.

I also seem to have lost all bladder control! I have had a few leaky moments before but this is much worse. DS really needs to get out and about, can't sit in all day. I'm having to wear proper pads after a few awful incidents but i still very uncomfortable about weeing so much. I have no energy to play games with him, we'd be better out somewhere.

I've tried going to the loo regularly but even 5-10 minutes later it can happen. Will my GP be able to do anything - besides tell me i need to do more kegels?!

The joys of pregnancy.

Rockchick1984 Wed 05-Feb-14 12:54:28

Just doing more pelvic floor exercises, sorry! If you keep doing them and end up with long-term incontinence problems then you can get a referral for help, but sadly its one of the joys of pregnancy if you don't do enough Kegels!

Is the bladder weakness only when you cough? Have you tried treating the cough if so, to minimise the incidents?

Northumberlandlass Wed 05-Feb-14 12:55:54

I was advised to cut out caffeine.

Rosduk Wed 05-Feb-14 18:02:07

I had this when I had a bad cough over christmas, nothing helped- I just had to wear pads constantly but I can say that since my cough has gone I am back to my occasional pregnancy leakage, well, until my drink went down the wrong way this morning and I full on wet myself! Oh the glamour!

Hope you feel better soon...

YoshimiB Wed 05-Feb-14 20:33:45

Thanks for the replies. I'm trying some different cough medicine and doing some exercises. Better than the pointless cry i had earlier. Glad to know it stopped when your cough stopped Rosduk.

Stevie77 Wed 05-Feb-14 21:02:40

Try contracting (holding) your pelvic floor when you cough, should help smile

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