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15weeks pregnant and worried sick

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Gemziewooo Tue 04-Feb-14 20:36:20

Hi just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and everyone/thing has turned out ok? This is my 4th pregnancy, sadly lost my first baby at 18weeks, however went onto to have two normal pregnancies and give birth to two healthy girls. This pregnancy, 2weeks ago at 13weeks pregnant, I was at college and when I stood up a huge gush of blood came out of me, and clots, I thought had miscarried, from the amount of blood I lost I was sure and the back ache, I couldn't move without the blood coming from me, it was really fresh blood I was petrified! However I had an emergency scan the next day and baby was fine, moving and heartbeat strong, they couldn't find as to why it happened, and after that day I have been bleeding not as much as a period but a bit more from spotting of brown blood with bits of lumps in it? And back ache that comes and goes! My lower abdomen is quite tender too! I thought maybe from losing a baby at 18weeks they would of had me in for a follow up appointments and scans etc but nothing. And I am really scared, when I went to the toilet this evening it looked like there was some red blood in with the brown, I don't know what's going on, and looking for some advice as what to do, what it might be, the doctors at hospital just don't seem to worried, but my GP has asked me to go up for weekly appointments, my heads all over the place! Has anyone else experienced this?

MrsCocoa Tue 04-Feb-14 21:27:56

Sorry to hear you're going through the mill Gemziewoo: appreciate how distressing this is especially when you've already lived through the heartbreak of a second trimester loss. Whatever the cause of the bleeding it is not good for you to be left in a state of anxiety: is your care at the hospital midwife or consultant led? You might want to arrange another appointment to talk to a Doctor about the source of the bleeding and to actively rule out any possible underlying issues? (BTW do you know what caused your miscarriage?). Consider asking for a second opinion with a different consultant and/or more regular hospital monitoring if you are still worried. That is absolutely not to suggest that there is any underlying cause for concern - just that it is better to err on the side of caution/reassurance, especially when you have experienced a later loss in a past pregnancy. Thinking of you - very best wishes.

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