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Glucose Testing

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sharkey1187 Tue 04-Feb-14 13:39:30


I saw the GP this morning as I've had a viral infection this last week that has resulted in an exacerbation in my morning sickness. He wanted to do an urine test to check my ketones because they had been raised a few weeks earlier when I'd had really bad vomiting. Fortunately my perseverance with dry toast prevailed and ketones were fine. However my glucose was far too high. He has referred me to the maternity unit for glucose testing. Bloods will be done on Thurs when I am there for my scan.

He is querying gestational diabetes or a problem with how my kidneys release glucose. I am only 12+5. Is it possible that this can happen this early on? He was surprised which is why he organised the blood tests because ordinarily you aren't tested until much later on. Anyone with any experience?

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