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Feeling Fed up - 30 weeks today

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Celestae Tue 04-Feb-14 11:12:22

I am just at home alone today, and feeling really fed up with being pregnant, I just wanted somewhere to share my thoughts without worrying my poor DP who is at work.

I constantly feel on the verge of sickness at the moment. this went away for a while during my 2nd trimester but seems to have returned full force now. I also cant seem to get a full breath any more as baby is pushing on my insides and taking up all the room.

not to mention my shoulder aches like a * i think i slept funny on it or something.

the medication to stop me having anxiety attacks that the doctor put me on makes me feel sick too.

this pregnancy is making me feel miserable, and i feel like im just in one constant moan about this hurting... that aching... my partner is probabloy well bored of hearing me whine on.

this is baby number 2 and i cant remember it being this difficult last time, maybe its cuz im now 7 years older? who knows.

Bb14 Tue 04-Feb-14 11:26:34

I can empathise. My drugs make me feel queasy too and people keep trying to make me eat! Just got back from MW 10 min lecture about the importance of Whooping cough vac newborns are dying and so on. (I'm happy and keen to have the jab) send me to nurse who refused to do it (I have unstable epilepsy) so I can't win.

Try and find something positive to focus on every day. Looking at the tiny new born vests I got out of the loft yesterday really helped. PM if you want to talk more. Xx

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 04-Feb-14 11:29:31

Ok, I am NOT medically trained, but I believe shortness of breath and shoulder pain are possible signs of pre-eclampsia.

I hope someone more knowledgeable comes along soon. You may want to call your midwife to check.

moomin35 Tue 04-Feb-14 12:29:32

Hi Celestae, sorry to hear you feel rubbish at the moment :-( Can I ask what meds your doctor put you on for your anxiety? x

Celestae Tue 04-Feb-14 17:36:50

I have a docs appointment tomorrow, so I'll get checked out and all should be fine... The doctor put me on a low low 2.5ml dose of fluroxetine. But to be honest, I don't know it's working anymore, I had a full blown panick attack in the middle of town today and was on my own, all because I was going to try out a bump to baby mums group and I got scared. It's rediculous, I can't take it any more.

SweetPea86 Tue 04-Feb-14 18:26:25

Hi Celeste fisrt of all I love your name!

I'm 30 weeks to and I feel your pain, I've had sickness from 5 weeks preg it's calmed down but still getting me down. I haven't had that pregnancy glow infact I've never felt so ill and drained in my whole entire life lol.

The only thing getting me through is the fact 10 weeks to go hoping I'm not over due lol.

I have a massive fear of the unknown with labour as this is my first and it keeps me awake over the night.

I'm currently just trying to keep busy even tho I've got spd too so I can't walk very far.

I hope you feel better soon. I didn't expect pregnancy to be a breeze but this takes the biscut.

SweetPea86 Tue 04-Feb-14 18:26:52

Sorry missed the A out of your name

Celestae Wed 05-Feb-14 12:37:38

No worries Sweetpea everyone spells it wrong lol.

I just got back from the doctors this morning, she decided to up my dose of fluoxetine, but says she wouldn't like to up it again after is one due to the level being too high. I am hoping things turn back to normal once my hormones get more settled after the birth.

On the up side, I have the most wonderful supportive family to care for me, and the pregnancy has gone relatively glitch free despite a few quibbles like the spd and the hormonal crazy person thing.

As for your situation Sweetpea, the best advice I think I can offer, is try not to worry or expect anything in particular from the birth. It's not easy to go through, but despite this, you will get back to normal physically and mentally.

Keep strong, and personal message me if you need a chat smile

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