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First trimester - never felt so worried in my life!

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Hubbythecatandme Tue 04-Feb-14 10:49:27

Hubby and I seem to be taking it in turn to completely freak out -"OMG the symptoms have disappeared!" - "thank God the symptoms are back!"
I am now 10+1 and after wiping a bit of dark blood discharge on Sunday night I am now due for internal scan at EPU on Thursday. AND I am SOOO scared and worried. I am imagining the sack being empty, the baby no longer with us, no baby at all...... I am just so scared and worried I don't know how to stop feeling like this sad
Is this what being a parent feels like??
So fed up with uncertainties and not knowing anything.... to make it worse, my morning sickness seems completely gone. I can even smell coffee without being sick everywhere....

Writerwannabe83 Tue 04-Feb-14 11:00:00

Hi Hubby - I'm currently 32 weeks and the worry has never gone. With every phase of pregnancy that approaches fresh worries arise!! My first trimester was awful, I had bleeding at 7 and 10 weeks (old, brown, dried blood but some stretchy gloopy bits in it) followed by a huge bright red fresh bleed at 14 weeks. I had scans after all 3 bleeds and was petrified of finding out the worst but baby was obviously absolutely fine. The general train of thought is that as long as the blood isn't fresh red and you aren't having any pains or cramping then it isn't anything to worry about it - but obviously we still do. After my big bleed at 14 weeks I continued to lose small amounts of brown blood for about 5 days, I was beside myself but the Midwives weren't concerned as it was old blood and I wasn't in any discomfort. Losing brown/dry/old blood in the first Trimester is actually very common and is a result of some of the womb lining being shed as the foetus grows and burrows in deeper.

I'm sure Thursday feels like a million years away - when I bled at 10 weeks I had yo wait 5 days for my scan and blimey did it drag!! Just take it easy, rest, try not to get too stressed and stay positive thanks

Mmolly2013 Tue 04-Feb-14 11:00:45

I posted a thread before as I have had nearly no symptoms at all I've been sick once and I've been ok food wise. I had my first scan few days ago and everything was perfect. Try not to worry it won't do you any good, everything will be fine. Try not to read into every twinge or lack of symptom. Everyone is different

Hubbythecatandme Tue 04-Feb-14 11:14:32

Thank you Writer. Yup, stretchy / stringy dark blood thingies here. I screamed and screamed. Hubby expected me to be in a pool of blood and then said "some people get more blood when they sneeze!"... it was just a nightmare though. I had a very crampy day yesterday which made me feel convinced I had imminent M/C but today cramping is gone so I am just hoping for the best.

orangemouth281 Tue 04-Feb-14 11:16:45

I am 40+5 and have had no symptoms whatsoever throughout my pregnancy other than fatigue and my growing belly. I know I have been lucky not to feel unwell but in the beginning I couldn't help but think something was wrong. I am not usually a worrier but pregnancy has certainly turned me into one and writer is right, there is always something to worry about. It's perfectly normal and IMO does get easier so try and enjoy your pregnancy and congratulations.

Hubbythecatandme Tue 04-Feb-14 11:17:00

Mmolly I need to bear this in mind too as my symptoms stopping made me feel so bad last night :s It is sooo easy to read into everything and become panicked :s

Hubbythecatandme Tue 04-Feb-14 13:44:04

You are right orange and it is so easy to have worst case scenarios too when you feel so powerless and you can't see the baby!
I am feeling better today mostly because cramping has gone. Yesterday, I was expecting cramping to turn into big pool of blood, M/C the whole lot. Cramping gone today so big relief...

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