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Pregnancy symptoms at 7 weeks

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Lottystar Mon 03-Feb-14 19:22:38

Hi, some of you may recall from previous posts that I sadly had a mc in Oct but luckily I'm now 7 weeks pregnant. I have a scan in a few days for early reassurance but I'm honestly going batty in the meantime knicker checking and analysing each cramp. I've had back ache and a bit of cramping in my tummy. Nothing sharp, just a dull nagging ache. I've been a bit constipated and windy but I'm so utterly frightened of mc again. There has been no bleeding although I've had yellow / green discharge with no smell or other symptoms (sorry if tmi) and currently waiting for the swab results to come back from the GP. Anyone else in a similar position or can offer words of wisdom? I know there is nothing I can do either way but sometimes it just helps to discuss it with those knowing what you're going through? X

curstaidh21 Mon 03-Feb-14 20:03:33

Sorry to hear about your mc. I had exact symptoms as you describe in first few weeks of pregnancy after a mc and baby was fine. As long as no fresh blood or bad pains to one sides in which case you should go straight to gp. Good luck and congratulations.

Lottystar Tue 04-Feb-14 13:34:35

Thanks for your response Curstaidh, I know is just sound paranoid but it is all so scary this time. My first 2 pregnancies were fine and I was always excited when it came to scans etc, now after the mc I just don't trust my own instincts anymore as I thought everything was fine until I was scanned and they couldn't find the little bean. So frightened the same will happen on Thurs it makes me feel sick confused

mandbaby Tue 04-Feb-14 14:13:54

I'm currently 3 weeks pregnant with my DC3 and my symptoms are constant nausea (only cured by eating!) and permanent tiredness. I could fall asleep anywhere at any time.

I'm sure it's natural to worry but try and relax. Congrats btw.

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