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25 weeks fatigue..?

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teaandcake14 Mon 03-Feb-14 09:23:58

Any input welcome, feel miserable!
I'm 25 weeks and had been feeling quite good. I woke up this morning feeling awful. Achey, headachey, wobbly and shattered. Got onto the sofa and really don't want to move from it. Anyone had similar?
I let my boss know I was going to see how I felt. They really need me in this afternoon. I've got quite a physical job and would need to drive a bit, the thought of which is making me tearful. Feel like a fraud as I'm not actually being sick or anything, I just feel terrible. Part rant, part plea for help really!

Rockchick1984 Mon 03-Feb-14 10:42:16

It sounds like it could possibly be low iron - makes me incredibly run-down, painfully tired, and more emotional than usual! I'd suggest that you start taking an iron supplement, and see if that makes a difference (I felt better within a matter of days!) but if you're not feeling well enough to go to work then take today off, rest, and go back tomorrow.

teaandcake14 Mon 03-Feb-14 11:07:02

Thanks. Am staying put, feel too horrible with random tears :S
I'm taking Pregnacare and at my last blood test my iron levels were really high, suppose things could change as baby grows? Just feel pathetic!

LastOneDancing Mon 03-Feb-14 11:07:40

I've been feeling much rougher since 28 weeks OP. sailed through second tri but third has hit like a brick wall!

Hopefully it's just you getting bigger & entering third tri, but agree with Rockchick, it's worth getting your bloods checked just in case.

teaandcake14 Mon 03-Feb-14 11:13:54

Sorry you're feeling rubbish too.
Have got my 25 week check tomorrow with GP, so will talk to him about it.
Feel so guilty letting work down and am irrationally angry and teary at nothing as well.

Rockchick1984 Mon 03-Feb-14 11:18:07

Pregnacare didn't have enough iron for me - I bought some Feroglobin and it really helped (cheapest I found it was in asda). Stopped taking it around 32 weeks and felt awful, started it again last week and it's helped already (now 36 weeks).

teaandcake14 Mon 03-Feb-14 11:28:34

Will make a note of that and try to snack on some dried apricots when I feel hungry today!

teaandcake14 Tue 04-Feb-14 11:31:37

Dear fellow pregnant ladies, if you feel like this, pop to your GP. Just seen mine and my pulse is too fast, being sent to the hospital for bloods later today. Been told to rest and if I get chest pains or dizziness to get straight to hospital. I did ask if I could wait until Friday to fit in better with work and apparently I can't 'be left walking around like that'.
Slightly freaked out as a transfusion has been mentioned, and also a bit stunned as I thought I was just being rubbish yesterday. Bleurgh.

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