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Snuzpod, troll bedside crib etc

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Misty9 Sun 02-Feb-14 23:52:53

Anyone got/used either of these? We have a superking divan bed which is too high for the cheap option of sidecarring a cot, so have to splash out on something like these...

I like the look of the snuzpod, but worried zipping and unzipping the mesh might wake the baby? can you tell I have a toddler who wakes at the drop of a pin?!

leavesalmondoutofit Mon 03-Feb-14 00:03:19

You can rent a bedside crib from NCT this includes a new mattress.

Piffyonarockbun Mon 03-Feb-14 07:28:08

I've got a troll crib that we set up the other day. Only 37+6 so no baby yet grin. It was the one thing i really wanted and splashed out on.

We have a king size divan and the height is adjustable so we could get it to fit. It's really nice and well made although it may be a few more weeks before i can tell you how it performs with a baby in it smile

Misty9 Mon 03-Feb-14 07:41:03

With the divan, does the crib fit nicely up against it with no gap? I prefer look of troll crib but the pod attaches to the bed..

We had bednest for first and to be honest I wasn't majorly impressed. The mesh side has a rod in it which meant it couldn't really lie flat on bed. He blossom outgrew it quickly, and wasn't a big baby!

Misty9 Mon 03-Feb-14 07:41:41

Blossom?! Also...

Snowlet Mon 03-Feb-14 08:15:45

We bought a snuzpod but it's still in the box. To us it seemed the best option, one of the biggest too, and I like Little Green Sheep as a company. Anyway, I'll have to report back when we actually start using it!

thereisnoeleventeen Mon 03-Feb-14 08:55:28

We had a troll for DC's 2 and 3, it was lovely to use. I sold it on because I thought I wasn't having anymore, what a mistake! I will definitely get another one, or the cot version I am undecided (the cot went too).

I just moved the mattress over a bit to fill the gap and put a blanket over the gap as well. Both DS's were big babies (9lb+), because crib side was down on one side both boys easily made it to 6 months, it is also fairly long.

Misty9 Mon 03-Feb-14 14:16:48

Ooh, I'm still undecided then - both sound good! Dh thinks we only need a Moses basket now...luckily it's not him who'll be breastfeeding all bloody night.

RedCountryRoads Mon 03-Feb-14 14:37:50

Oh fantastic, I've been having an internal debate about the same thing.

I'm defiantly watching this thread smile

TobyLerone Mon 03-Feb-14 16:15:55

We have the Troll. It looks nice, but I can't tell you much more because bloody DD refuses to go in it!

KatAndKit Mon 03-Feb-14 16:31:42

I am looking at the new chicco next to me seems ideal but can't find any reviews as it is a new product. Looks like it will work for all kinds of beds.

Misty9 Mon 03-Feb-14 18:46:19

We had the same problem with ds and the extortionately expensive bednest Toby ! He did eventually when about 10wks concede to being put down in it asleep - then promptly outgrew it a few weeks later...

Will check out the chicco, thanks smile

Misty9 Mon 03-Feb-14 18:48:56

Ah, chicco is not high enough for our ridiculously massive superking divan mattress

weebigmamma Mon 03-Feb-14 19:35:46

We have this bed side cot from Mothercare. Ours is also a high divan so maybe this would work for you too? It's big but it did our last child from very tiny (possibly birth, I can hardly remember what we did!) until she was ready for a proper bed.,default,pd.html

Inglori0us Mon 03-Feb-14 19:50:43

I have the Troll one and it's great. If you have carpet it won't move away from the bed. I used a small rolled up blanket in the gap.
My dd slept in it for months then we put the side up, then we moved it into her room (at 4 months) so it eased the transition.
It's on castors so you can easily wheel it away from the bed or take it into another room. I used to wheel dd into the bathroom while I showered or bathed when she was snotty.
If you do get one don't forget a mattress as it's sold separately. I got the crib, mattress and sheets from Amazon.

Thatsnotmyfigure Mon 03-Feb-14 20:21:13

We have a Troll and it's excellent. I did put a rolled up towel between the mattresses. It was a big purchase but you can get most of your money back by reselling on eBay. That's how I justified it anyway!!

timmi99 Thu 06-Feb-14 14:59:58

I've got the snuzpod and I've been very very impressed - especially for the price compared to others. It's really nice and sturdy.
Misty9 > Zips are virtually silent and have never had an issue with it, just really easy to do in the dark/middle of the night.
The stand of the snuzpod is what attaches to the bed, so you can leave that attached and still remove the top bit and move that round the house.
Most importantly - the little one sleeps great in it so we're very happy!

NomDeClavier Thu 06-Feb-14 15:14:16

We have a snuzpod and it's great. The zips are quiet so I really wouldn't worry but if you sidecar it you can always leave them down.

ChicaMomma Thu 06-Feb-14 15:19:45

Stupid question (from a first timer in early days of pregnancy and very confused about sleeping arrangements)- at what age can they sleep in the Snuzpod until? newborn - X?

NomDeClavier Thu 06-Feb-14 16:20:13

Newborn until they get too big! Supposedly around 6m at which point you can move them into their own room.

Misty9 Thu 06-Feb-14 19:14:18

Ooh, more votes coming in for the snuzpod now smile just wish I could see it in the flesh, so to speak, before buying it... Local baby shop is going to start stocking it in a couple of months but that's too late for us!

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 06-Feb-14 20:27:50

I'm in SW London, does anyone know of a store that sticks the Snuzpod as is like to have a look at one 'in real life' before deciding if you know what I mean!

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 06-Feb-14 20:28:12

Stocks the Snuzpod (not sticks!)

Foxsticks Thu 06-Feb-14 22:02:39

Here is a list of stockists alwaysdancing.

It's early days for me but I'd definitely like to get a bedside cot. How does the snuzpod and troll compare to an Armsreach Universal?

NomDeClavier Fri 07-Feb-14 08:28:22

What I love about the snuzpod is you can take the top crib bit off to move around and leave the stand securely attached. This also makes changibg your sheets 10x easier compared to a standard sidecarred cot which is what we had for DS.

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