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Crusty nipples

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Racal7 Sun 02-Feb-14 20:32:29

13 weeks pregnant and the end of my nipples have got a kind of crust on them like a light scab ugghh. Does anyone know what this is and if I need to worry. Thank you.

Shybairns Sun 02-Feb-14 20:33:47

Are they sore?

Mmolly2013 Sun 02-Feb-14 20:45:19

I get that, don't worry it could be a small leak as they are growing and changing nothing major.

Racal7 Sun 02-Feb-14 20:49:55

Slightly sore to the touch but they have been throughout pregnancy.

Thanks Molly.

Aoifebelle Sun 02-Feb-14 20:57:19

I think this may be in the running for mankiest thread title ever. Ain't pregnancy glam? Sorry I don't have anything helpful to add, but you have my sympathy.

Mummytobe2014 Sun 02-Feb-14 21:06:02

I have experienced this too since fairly early on up to now 34+6, my nips have been extremely itchy too - all part of pregnancy smile

Hellymummy Sun 02-Feb-14 21:11:56

Yes I had this, don't think it's anything serious x

Racal7 Sun 02-Feb-14 21:14:02

Thanks everyone and yeah very grim title! X

Misty9 Sun 02-Feb-14 23:57:49

Sounds like a bit of colostrum or milk has leaked out then crusted over. Lovely, I know. I get this and have to pick it off...sorry. Doesn't hurt though smile

Franchini Mon 03-Feb-14 08:53:16

Use some cotton wool soaked in water to soak the crust off. Sounds like some milk is leaking and then drying on your nip! It will only get worse. Sorry for the doom and gloom!

catameringue Mon 03-Feb-14 09:46:59

I bought nipple balm with lanolin in it, that you use when breastfeeding and found it really soothing. My bras appear to make things sore, but balming up morning and evening helps.

AlwaysDancing1234 Mon 03-Feb-14 10:12:13

(whispers - I have had this too) it's a tiny bit of milk leaking out in the night usually and drying up. Just use cotton wool and warm water to gently wash it off. I just use my usual moisturiser to stop nipples getting sore but any sort of breastfeeding balm etc is good too. As long as it's not bleeding or really sore (infection) then don't worry. You can always ask your midwife/GP to double check if you are not sure.

Spaghettinetti Mon 03-Feb-14 10:20:02

Don't worry...I'm another person that gets this. Sometimes I have a little crust...sometimes a sticky, wet leak. It's colostrum, the stuff your boobs produce before they produce milk, as far as I know, it's nothing to worry about and lots of people experience it. X

orphanblack Sat 08-Feb-14 15:15:23

Don't worry- kind of normal. Moisturise and use lanolin cream and also nipple covers to protect. Definitely useful when out in the cold or nipple pain or soreness. They have been an absolute god send!

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