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Anybody else just found out they are PG with their first after TTC 12 months plus?!?

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Bunnygirlie Fri 31-Jan-14 11:23:22

Hiya, I had a positive test last weekend and looking for some ladies in the same situation to share symptoms and worries with.

time2deal Sat 05-Apr-14 16:03:03

Yeah, that's my blog. Been quiet for a while but posting again for obvious reasons. Nice to be able to post good news.

I'm feeling ok, not feeling very pregnant though. Maybe cause I can sleep all the time at the moment I feel the fatigue less, or perhaps I'm in the famed 'blooming' trimester. Can't help but be anxious that the bub isn't there anymore - silly as that fear is at this stage.

Now I'm beyond 13 weeks I'm getting my hair done on Monday. My grey hair is TERRIBLE at the moment, and I've decided all the research says it is ok after first trimester, and using Aveda which is mostly natural. Will be nice to be pampered too.

Bunnygirlie Sat 05-Apr-14 10:09:53

time glad your op went well! Gosh you've been through it you poor thing. Wow is that your blog?

All good here, apart from the nausea, fatness and wind lol. More telling people this weekend and then the world next week lol.

Everyone good?

time2deal Thu 03-Apr-14 21:46:02

As I understand it I can't get anything done vaginally as it's all a bit of a mess down there. I have no cervix, so the TAC works because it really is higher than the cervix area.

From the bottom side it's very hard to tell where the cervical canal is. From what they say it is basically smooth flesh without the normal bulge of the cervix. It's weird to think what the cancer surgery was, but I think of it sort of like taking a spoon and scooping out the top of the cervix.

Talk about TMI! more info here if you are interested.

BeetleBeetle Thu 03-Apr-14 18:19:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

time2deal Thu 03-Apr-14 17:47:40

Hey beetle, thanks for thinking of me! All went well, in that the stitch was placed although some complications during the surgery apparently. It's been a pretty brutal recovery though. Probably worse as I've been trying not to take too many pain killers. I was in hospital for 3 nights, and still pretty sore sleeping, walking, standing up, etc...

I think the extra complications meant they messed around with my bowels a bit more, and in protest they really stopped working for a few days. I bloated up like a whale, so at least I know what I will look like in a few months!! But finally things seem to be getting back to normal'ish.

Baby was scanned before and after and coped great. I had my 12 week scan the day before the operation, as well as results from the Harmony test, which all came back really well. We even know the sex! I love seeing the baby bouncing around in there, it's so strange that I can't feel it. I bullied them into doing another scan for me on Sunday so I had a chance to see myself that baby is perfectly happy in there. Plus they showed me the stitch in place.

I'm just chilling at home now. I've still got 3 more weeks off, and I'm so glad I don't have to think about work for a while. I've got lots of appointments in the next few weeks, but hopefully no more major events. I've found this harder than the last operations - I worked out I've had 8 general anaesthetics in just over a year, 3 of which were major surgeries. My poor body is getting a bit battered.

How is everyone else doing?

BeetleBeetle Thu 03-Apr-14 13:52:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bunnygirlie Sun 30-Mar-14 17:41:06

Hey mums to be!

Told the mums (and dad) today, it was amazing! What a buzz!!! grin

TheBuggerlugs Sun 30-Mar-14 11:29:09

Morning ladies and happy Sunday. How is everyone?

Bunnygirlie Thu 27-Mar-14 21:47:24

Glad scan went well! Wishing you lots of luck for op tomorrow flowers

time2deal Thu 27-Mar-14 21:35:03

Just a quick note to say my 12 week scan went fantastic today, and got very low risk Harmony results which was great news. Can relax for a while now!

Off for my operation tomorrow. I really should get packing. I'm slightly starting to stress now, but generally just happy to be here, and happy to be able to keep the baby safe.

I'm off work for 4 weeks after the operation, and I can't wait to be 16 weeks, fat and fully healed. smile

Bunnygirlie Tue 25-Mar-14 18:54:26

hat so pleased your scan went well. We had the NHS downs tests, were told we'd get a call in 5/6 days if there were any problems otherwise we'd go through results at 16w mw appt.

bug so sorry to hear about your pooch, so sad when our furry babies are poorly.

time I've put on a few pounds since BFP but feel really blobby sad

My boobs haven't changed at all which has prompted me to google lol, apparently I may have a flat chest until the baby is born shock

Hatteras Tue 25-Mar-14 17:38:51

Glad to hear that she didn't have to be PTS Bugs, but still a big worry for you.

I've got large boobs to begin with, so that may be why I can't see any difference size wise yet - I could gain or lose a cup size and not notice. I dread to think what state they will be in at the end of nine months!

TheBuggerlugs Tue 25-Mar-14 17:26:25

In the end she wasn't PTS, she saw a specialist for an hour who has suggested different meds and an MRI scan.

I keep looking at my boobs, I've always been flat chested and I lost a stone in September so all my clothes were massive on me and my boobs become even more boy like so to have larger boobs now is great.

Hatteras Tue 25-Mar-14 17:13:29

*bugs, so sorry to hear about your dog, I hope things worked out ok and you don't have to go ahead with it flowers

time, I put on about half a stone with each round of IVF, so that's an extra stone. This time the bloatedness didn't go away when I got the BFP. Combined with nausea that seems to be quelled only by potatoes and toast and being told not to exercise when I had the bleed, I am seriously lardy now! My jeans are really uncomfortable and not sure whether to just get the next size up or wait for maternity jeans (!). Seems so weird to be thinking about buying maternity clothes..and surely too soon?

I also have the slow digestive system, prune juice may be what I need!

time2deal Tue 25-Mar-14 09:43:50

Hat - I know about the pre-scan fear. I think I'm having too many scans as I get so worked up before them that I'd be better off with a bigger break between each one. They have all been for good reasons, but still I'm letting myself get too stressed.

Hows is everyone going with weight and clothes? I weighed myself today and was a bit surprised to see that I've not actually put on any weight. I put on about 3kg during IVF (and 3kg the IVF before) so I've pretty over where I want to be, but no more weight since I was weighed for the last egg collection. However, my clothes are really getting tight! Both my boobs and my waist are bigger and straining out of clothes.

My main symptom is still tiredness, with nausea when I'm really tired. I feel like I should spend time with DH each evening, but last night I just fell asleep on the sofa again! I think he understands, although when he has days off (he works odd shifts) I think he looks forward to me being home to chat to and instead gets a useless tired wife. At least he makes me dinner. smile

Boobs are also big and sensitive, and my nipples are slightly soft and bulgy - like torpedoes poking out the front of my boobs if that makes any sense! Plus a slow digestive system, although my latest regime of a small glass of prune juice morning and evening seems to be resolving that (TMI!)

TheBuggerlugs Tue 25-Mar-14 08:48:08

Its on the 11th Hat which feels like forever away.

We might have to have your girl dog PTS today. I'm very sad

Hatteras Tue 25-Mar-14 01:58:16

Thanks bugs, yep it is such a great feeling, makes up for the terror/ nerves beforehand! How long until your 12 week scan?

It's funny how symptoms are so different, I haven't noticed any difference in my boobs, the nausea has been the main thing for me.

TheBuggerlugs Mon 24-Mar-14 22:35:14

Yey Hat that's great news. The post scan feeling is amazing isn't it?

I've noticed my boobs are really veiny and the veins on my hands are more pronounced too. I still haven't had any sickness just hunger and thirst.

Hatteras Mon 24-Mar-14 22:01:43

12 scan went well! The pre scan terror got to ridiculous levels, didn't sleep at all last night and was absolutely terrified when we went into the scan room....but there it was on the screen, a little moving baby with everything looking good. Relief is an understatement!

We had bloods taken for genetic screening, so have a 7-10 day wait for those results back, but for now just enjoying the post scan relief.

Told my closest family members today, so it has been a very emotional day smile

Bunnygirlie Mon 24-Mar-14 21:11:13

Thanks *eggs

hat how was your scan?

Eggsiseggs Sat 22-Mar-14 15:16:16

Oh so excited for you with the grand reveal!
12 weeks seems soooo far away!

Bunnygirlie Sat 22-Mar-14 10:53:57

hat I wish! MS seems to be worse at the mo, keep waking up early and having to run for juice to stop the heaving sad
I know what you mean about scan dread, the week before was awful, I was a right state at work!

Welcome shock and congrats! How you feeling?

egg yay for your 8w scan smile

Sickness is really my main symptom, my boobs aren't sore or anything! Bit tired and tummy twinges now and again.

One more week of secrets and then the grand reveal grin

Eggsiseggs Sat 22-Mar-14 08:07:41

Hi again, all. Sorry I haven't been on in a while: I have mostly been sleeping!
Lovely to hear about your 12 week scan bunny! Can't wait for mine now!

Interested to hear about people being on progesterone until then - I only had it for the two weeks after transfer. Wonder why? Although was glad to get rid of it - and it's parting gift of piles!

Had my 8 week scan last week. Was so nervous, but there it was, heartbeat and all! Becoming a bit more real now.

How are all your symptoms this week? I am TIRED. All the time!!

Hatteras Fri 21-Mar-14 21:38:42

bugs- nope, I am using the front door, although still really bloated.

shocked- never too late to join the party, welcome and congratulations!

Sh0cked Fri 21-Mar-14 21:22:56

Hi, I know I'm a little late joining the party... I am 10 weeks pregnant after ttc for 4 years due to endometriosis. I am shocked, terrified and excited all at the same time x

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