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heavy lifting in early pg - advice please

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schneebly Mon 31-Jul-06 09:41:06

Hi, just found out I am expecting and I have a part time job at a youth club which involves a degree of lifting heavy(ish) items like football tables and other large play equipment. I didn't really want to tell them about pg until I was past the 12 weeks scan but don't see how I can round this - is it really dangerous to lift these things or should I just tell them? It would make things a bit difficult because the only other person there to set up is a woman who is about 60 and not very fit! Do you think it would be safe if we lifted things together? Sorry this is a total ramble!

bubblez Mon 31-Jul-06 09:56:30

I personally wouldn't risk lifting heavy things during the early weeks. Maybe others would disagree..

But, what matters most is that you have a healthy and safe pgnacy if you did lift something heavy and (god forbid) the worst happend you'd always wonder "what if I didn't lift such'n'such". Well that is how I would feel anyway and that is what would sway it for me.

Now who's rambling

burstingbug Mon 31-Jul-06 09:57:25

Try to avoid the lifting, can you ask some of the youths to do it in pairs rather than you or the other lady. You can say you have a bad back, pulled muscle in shoulder or something until you are ready to announce your pregnancy.
Congrats btw

bubblez Mon 31-Jul-06 09:58:20

OMG how thoughtless of me CONGRATULATIONS!!

shhhh Mon 31-Jul-06 09:59:24

I wouldn't do it either. I am a firm believer than esp during the first 3 months when you are physically making the baby you have to be careful.

How about just telling one of the relevant people (manager..?) but ask to keep quiet. Then maybe if you are asked questions you could just say you have done your back in...?

I wouldn't even risk sharing it. IMO anyway. Congrats again..!!!

schneebly Mon 31-Jul-06 09:59:37

OOhh bad back - good one! I guess we could put out all the light things and wait for the kids to come and help with the lifting! I just really didnt want to tell them yet IYKWIM! Thanks. Although my pg wasn't planned I still don't want to do anything that would risk harm to the baby.

schneebly Mon 31-Jul-06 10:01:43

One of the main resons for me not telling is that my supervisor (the 60 year old lady) who goes to church every week and is very heavily involved with all the churchy things is TBH a horrible gossip and I just KNOW she would tell people!

anniediv Mon 31-Jul-06 10:03:04

You should tell your manager/employer as they have a duty to carry out a risk assessment of your tasks, and if there are any high risk activities you are expected to do they must arrange for you to take on 'light duties' eg be excused from the heavy stuff. The fact that the other lady is 60 is their problem not yours. It would be awful for you, them and the other lady if you kept quiet and suffered as a consequence.

anniediv Mon 31-Jul-06 10:05:07

ooh, cross posted. I would still tell her and deal with the confidentiality issue afterwards! Or else fib slightly and say you've got a bad back?

Kiskidee Mon 31-Jul-06 10:07:24

if you are relatively fit, you should be able to lift most things. posture is everything when lifting pg or not. remember to bend knees, keep back straight, bring item in close to the body, get a good hold and lift evenly with both hands.

i did body pump classes till at least 30 wks pg. when i knew i was pg i reduced my weights immediatly by half, not because of fear of miscarraige but because ligaments become more stretchy due to hormones and it is easier to cause ligament damage. hence I used to squat 20 kilos and immediately reduced it to 10 kilos (22 lbs). by the time i was 30 wks pg, i was only lifting the bar! - but by then i had put on 20+ lbs.

completely avoid lifting things above your head - it can cause abdominals to split.

Current Health and Safety guidelines state that anything over 25 kilos (55 lbs) should be lifted with special equipment, even for men.

schneebly Mon 31-Jul-06 10:08:12

Thanks for your advice. I might tell the chairman of the commitee who are in charge and see what he says - I would trust him more.

schneebly Mon 31-Jul-06 10:09:24

x posts with kiskidee! I don't think any of it is near 25 kilos! (phew!)

shhhh Mon 31-Jul-06 10:11:14

TBH I hear what you are saying about the lady gossiping BUT this is an issue of confidentiality and she really shouldn't discuss things further iykwim.

When I was expecing dd (due to mc history)I told only parents and another team leader at work as we currently didn't have one. As I was off work due to sickness for the 1st 12 weeks she was told BUT noone else was to know. She to was a bit of a loud mouth to say the least BUT know what..she didn't utter a word. My team were getting very concerned about me as I was off for so long. Their worries went from guessing I was pregnant to in the end fearing the worse. Once my 12 week scan was out of the way she was allowed to let them know. Much to my teams relief..!

Can't you go on the sick..? Just an idea .

redz Mon 31-Jul-06 10:11:45

Congratulations by the way! Understand your dilemma I had to tell my boss when I was 7 weeks due to the shift work I did and I needed to reduce the hours(didnt want to tell a soul!). She was really good and kept it quiet untill I was 13weeks and I told the rest of the team.
If your boss is a nice guy/gal? then maybe that the way to go? Either way Good luck

shhhh Mon 31-Jul-06 10:14:18

I still wouldn't lift anything.

schneebly Mon 31-Jul-06 10:17:14

I think I will just tell her and stress that I want it kept very quiet - dont want to go off sick as it is on a sessional basis so I wont get paid! Thanks to everyone for their help.

ema35 Tue 16-Sep-08 19:32:39

i am 5 weeks pregnant and am worried about lifting, i have just lifted a load of washing out of the washing machine and up the stairs and am now panicking that it could have done me some harm?? does anyone think it could have done???

lilymolly Tue 16-Sep-08 19:41:20

oh good god ladies toughen up winkgrin

I have just mucked out my horses stable which involved 3 V heavy loads of wheel barrows full of shit! and I am 14 weeks.

Actually think you would prob be ok, but if you are not comfortable lifting, then like everyone else said, tell them you have a bad back!

lulumama Tue 16-Sep-08 19:43:45

this thread is two years old !

no, you cannot do any harm to the pregnancy with lifting, but do be careful of pulling anything as your pelvic ligaments all loosen up

lilymolly Tue 16-Sep-08 19:49:46

Oh blush stupid of me not to notice
Will blame ema35 for resurrecting it wink

ema35 Tue 16-Sep-08 20:01:13

lol i know sorry hehehe just a bit paranoid bout lifting anything really as am so early on in pregnancy just get worried heheheh

lulumama Tue 16-Sep-08 20:01:53

the human race would have died out aeons ago if carrying washing up the stairs was bad for you

ema35 Tue 16-Sep-08 20:05:23

i know i am paranoid just dont want 2 harm the baby so early on

lilymolly Tue 16-Sep-08 20:24:35

God I wish I could get out of all the washing angry

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