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Outfit for giving birth

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puddleduck16 Wed 22-Jan-14 14:11:48

Just packing hospital bag now and unsure what to put in for labour at the hospital. I have something for on the ward for afterwards if I don't get home.

I've read that obviously labour is messy so take something cheap or old. But am I wanting a nightie? (I assume that easy access to certain departments are required!!)

Hellymummy Wed 22-Jan-14 14:13:08

I originally started in leggings and vest but then lost the leggings straight away and just kept the vest! Didn't out my pjs on til after the birth!

MildredH Wed 22-Jan-14 14:20:16

I bought two cheap nighties from primark- about £5. Started off in just a nursing sleep bra from mothercare which was like a crop top as I was initially in the birthing pool. Put nightie on once out of the pool.

Was nice to be able to change into a clean dry nightie after having a shower during labour.

Also ended up getting DH to wash the nighties and bring them back to me as I found the ward too warm for pjs!

rachyconks Wed 22-Jan-14 14:23:17

Night shirts are best. You can get them in asda & tesco at the minute. Buy a big size. They are long & comfy (flannel) and unbutton down the front for post birth skin to skin. I had one for DD's birth, still wear it all the time!

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Wed 22-Jan-14 14:25:32

I think strappy nightdressed work well - it's absolutely boiling in hospital. Plus you can easily bf after the birth. Buy a couple of cheap ones in a generous size.

ZingSweetApple Wed 22-Jan-14 14:27:32

cocktail dress and tiara?grin

I prefer a t-shirt and shorts - but the shorts tend to come off soon for examinations and I don't bother putting them back on if on the bed under covers.
and by the time baby is coming I tend to be naked

hth, good luck with the birth!

WipsGlitter Wed 22-Jan-14 14:27:35

I had a cheapo nightie the first time. Second time only had time to get shoes, trousers and pants off so just had my maternity top and socks on!

puddleduck16 Wed 22-Jan-14 14:39:29

ZingSweetApple that outfit sounds lovely!!! grin

Sounds like nighties it is!! Off to some cheapo shops I go!! And thanks FruitSaladIsNotPudding, I'll get strappy ones too, I'm really not good in heat so that's a great tip.

Trooperslane Wed 22-Jan-14 14:41:57

Make sure nighties are long enough.

I felt like my arse was showing on the ward shock

ZingSweetApple Wed 22-Jan-14 14:44:23


I'm pg with my last one (already have a big family!) and I'm now seriously considering wearing a tiara.
why not? it would be fun!wink

Cariad007 Wed 22-Jan-14 15:05:31

That woman from OBEM has designed a birthing outfit that I think you can buy online. Though tbh once I’m in labour I don’t think I’ll care what I’m clad in!

SomethingOnce Wed 22-Jan-14 15:08:44

Zing, you absolutely must wear a tiara now!

DuskAndShiver Wed 22-Jan-14 15:13:27

I always wondered what people meant when they said things like "by this time I was naked..." I mean what happens, do your clothes melt off, is it like the torn remnants that are left when Bruce Banner changes into the Hulk?

Then I had a baby (well two, eventually) and I found... it is a bit Hulk. In a good way. I don't know where my clothes went. I didn't have a stitch on for either birth.

puddleduck16 Wed 22-Jan-14 15:41:39

Zing, there is absolutely no reason as to why not. You're going to be in labour, you can do whatever the hell you want to do!!! grin So you just wear that tiara!!!!

DuskandShiver, I have visions in my head of lots of green ladies running round labour wards all over the country!!

PenguinsDontEatKale Wed 22-Jan-14 15:44:35

I laboured in trackie bottoms and top both times.

But first time I was still being sent for walks round the hospital to 'get things moving' up to the point they put me in a surgical gown for epidural and drip. And second time we thought I was early stages, got undressed to get in the pool for a bit and promptly had a baby.

Felyne Wed 22-Jan-14 15:52:13

DuskAndShiver I know what you mean. My second labour, I was so frustrated by my top being on but couldn't get it off, as soon as baby was out I whipped my top off and flung it across the room.
I'd recommend wearing something loose and easily removed if necessary. Tight fitting things, no way.

ZingSweetApple Wed 22-Jan-14 15:54:16

I think we should all wear tiaras!
And on every thread about "what should I pack for hospital? " I'm going to post #1 item - tiara!grin

could this be the new MN craze, the new wink-wink nudge-nudge MN signal? I wish it did. it would be wonderful! smile

Mim78 Wed 22-Jan-14 15:56:42

I took Pyjamas/big t shirt etc to hospital to have dd, but quickly discovered that the only way I was comfortable was in the nude!

So that is what I did. Planning to maybe go in the pool if poss this time so may be nudie again...

DaleyBump Wed 22-Jan-14 16:01:51

I just wore a big t shirt. Well, two since I was sick all down the first one. I was in a lot of pain and forgot to take my pants off for an examination and the midwife took one look at me, laughed and said "we've not perfected keyhole surgery through pants yet!" grin

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Wed 22-Jan-14 16:03:03

Oh, and may I suggest leggings too - then you can cover up your bottom half easily in the early stages if you want, or if you're sent for a walk around.

GlitzAndGiggles Wed 22-Jan-14 16:06:15

I changed into a nightie at hospital after ripping my leggings off it was the best choice imo!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 22-Jan-14 16:07:02

Ooh! I'm liking the tiara! I'm going to add one to my list! grin
We should start a club! grin

Dillydollydaydream Wed 22-Jan-14 16:07:51

With dd1 and ds1 I was still wearing what I wore in bed when I went into labour during the night and went to hospital, with ds2 I was wearing my normal clothes then whipped off my trousers and pants when I realised he was actually coming, dd2 just a TShirt as I got a chance to change out of my day clothes.

Stevie77 Wed 22-Jan-14 16:18:38

You can ask for a hospital gown for the birth, then change into whatever comfy thing you brought after

ZingSweetApple Wed 22-Jan-14 18:08:03


The first rule of Tiara Club is you talk about Tiara Club!grin

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