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Shitting myself for scan tomorrow - can I have some hand-holding please?

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RaRa1988 Wed 22-Jan-14 13:12:18

20-week scan tomorrow and I'm terrified sad. Baby was fine at 12 weeks and had a good strong heartbeat at 16 weeks, but I haven't felt him/her move yet and I've got myself convinced that that's because there's something wrong... Doesn't help that a woman at work told me she had a daughter stillborn at 24 weeks, and I've had horrible dreams the last couple of nights, one in which the baby was stillborn and one in which I gave birth at 24 weeks all alone in a shop changing room (!) and had to resuscitate the baby myself sad. Horrible horrible images in my head - it was a little girl and she was all purple and I had to hold her partly upside down and do chest compressions because she wouldn't breathe. I'm terrified now.

impatientlywaiting Thu 23-Jan-14 13:25:46

Brilliant news OP. Congratulations on your little girl.

RaRa1988 Thu 23-Jan-14 13:55:54

Thankyou! :-D -and for the pre-warning, Penguins (great, if baffling, username btw!)

systemsaddict Thu 23-Jan-14 14:01:52

Great! and yes, I second what Penguins said.

PenguinsDontEatKale Thu 23-Jan-14 14:15:43

Thanks! It started off as PenguinsDontEatPancakes after Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes, which was my daughter's favourite book when I was looking for a new name. Kale is my January detox version grin

Armadale Thu 23-Jan-14 14:18:50

Wonderful news, so happy for you x

ChicaMomma Thu 23-Jan-14 14:45:06

Ah brilliant!!
Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy now lady!

thepiggotupandslowlywalkedaway Thu 23-Jan-14 15:48:43

De-lurking to say great news. So pleased that you had a good scan.

Also, similar to Saggy, I had little movement till 20 weeks plus, after I'd been told I'd probably feel it very early because twins. And yes, anterior placenta too!

CrispyFB Thu 23-Jan-14 15:50:02

Awww, lovely!! Congratulations!! :D

SicknSpan Thu 23-Jan-14 15:58:21

Lovely news Rara! Has your sickness abated now? Remember you from the antenatal and hypermedia support thread smile Hope so.

trolleycoin Thu 23-Jan-14 16:03:37

Great news RaRa. Hope rest of pregnancy goes smoothly for you.

SicknSpan Thu 23-Jan-14 16:05:42

Hypermedia? Hyperemesis!

RaRa1988 Thu 23-Jan-14 17:02:48

Penguins : Ahhhh! No children (yet! Eeek!) so never would've made that connection. Is there a reason for the 'penguins' bit too?

SicknSpan: Thankfully, yes. I was over it by 11 weeks I think, though I had a horrendous four weeks prior to that. Had the odd bout of nausea since, but my god it's good to be eating normal food again! Sorry if this is rubbing it in - how are you?

And thanks again everyone : MN really is a wonderful supportive place when you need it most! flowers

PenguinsDontEatKale Thu 23-Jan-14 17:17:04

Nah, just that I was also looking at a soft toy one at the time!

SicknSpan Thu 23-Jan-14 17:21:29

Glad things are ok on sickness front. I'm fine now ta, am 22 weeks tomorrow so movements are good and strong- won't be long for you, promise!

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