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Due September / October 2014?

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OneInAMinion Tue 21-Jan-14 21:57:51

After a long wait & 2 months before our IVF appointment (for our first child) we've finally have a BFP!

Over the moon yet terrified and clueless is probably the best way to describe how I'm feeling right now.

I can only be 2-3 weeks pregnant. Is that too early to speak to my doctor? I know there's a long way to go yet & lots of hurdles to get past, but I look forward to hearing from others in the same boat. smileshock

Hubbythecatandme Tue 21-Jan-14 22:46:22

Take your multivits (folic acid etc) and give it a few weeks before you tell the doc. Be kind to yourself and listen to your body!!
By 2-3 weeks pregnant you mean 2-3 since your last period??

OneInAMinion Wed 22-Jan-14 07:26:59

Thanks hubbythecatandme! Shows you have clueless I am grin...the 2-3 weeks is what the pregnancy test said so that's actually since conception I believe which makes my 4-5 weeks pregnant? Is that right?

We spent so long ttc, I didn't really get to hoping/reading about what happens next!! grin Lots to learn!

Macca18 Mon 10-Feb-14 20:58:17

Congratulations! I am also expecting my first, due end of September!

frannie2013 Mon 10-Feb-14 21:10:14

Congratulations! that is fantastic news.
I'm due early September. time has never gone so slowly!!

noimagination80 Mon 10-Feb-14 21:10:51

Hi all,


I am expecting our first in mid October. I'm so impatient and have already been to my GP.....I know it's early days and anything could happen. I just needed to have someone sane tell me I had not lost my mind and we were truly expecting....

No one tells you how frustrating and unpredictable this ttc malarkey really is.

I got my scan letter through today, feels like so long to wait......

Macca18 Mon 10-Feb-14 21:32:28

Noimagination, you've got your scan letter already? I've got my booking appointment beginning of March, by which point I will be 11 weeks. That's the earliest they could see me. I hope it doesn't take ages to get an appointment for the scan.
I feel so impatient too!

Wiggy29 Mon 10-Feb-14 21:34:16

Just had a positive for no 3, was first month we tried with this one so a bit of a shock but a very happy one. For some reason I feel more nervous with this pregnancy, I think it may just be because I now know how wonderful babies are so the thought of losing one is heartbreaking.

With first one I just assumed all would be fine because I was young and didn't know anyone who had mc. I was older and more nervous until 3 month scan with dc2, especially after a bleed and early scan (all was well). Now with dc3 I'm already nervous! And excited!

noimagination80 Mon 10-Feb-14 22:05:46

Macca, yeah it came through today, I don't have a midwife booking yet, I expect that to arrive in a few weeks.

The hospital we have chosen has a high demand so my gp has arranged it in advance, I am pleased to have something booked in to look forward to. But am reminding myself that it's still super early and anything could happen.

Wiggy I think the older we get the more aware we are of what can go wrong, completely get where you are coming from. How far along are you?

Hedgehog1977 Mon 10-Feb-14 22:20:33

Congratulations! I got my bfp after more than 3 years and 1.5 weeks before our ivf referral. We are due 26 September. I can't wait until 12 weeks so having a private scan on Friday at 8 weeks. I am a bit of a nervous wreck at the moment, can't wait to see a little heartbeat!

I went to my gp almost straight away. At the very least you get your free prescriprion card as soon as you do!


Bonnella20 Tue 11-Feb-14 20:05:18

Hi all smile I'm also due 26th September. Had a private scan was fantastic smile

noimagination80 Tue 11-Feb-14 20:41:31

hedgehog how did you get a prescription card? My nurse asked if I had to pay for my prescriptions, but did not mention anything about a card?

Bonnella20 welcome, so exciting, I am still spending a fortune on tests. I don't have any symptoms you would associate at 5 weeks. I am sure I will be wishing for this time back when and if I do start to get the aches, pains and nausea.....An early scan might just put my mind at rest

PrincessWellington Tue 11-Feb-14 22:58:24

Got my BFP today! Due in Octo

PrincessWellington Tue 11-Feb-14 22:59:14

Got my BFP today! Due in October. Been ttc for 2.5years

Hedgehog1977 Wed 12-Feb-14 07:49:35

noimagination my gp asked me to fill in a form and it arrived in the post a few days later, even before my 1st appointment came through.

Congratulations princess wellington, it's such a shock after such a long time, isn't it?! Hx

Macca18 Wed 12-Feb-14 08:41:45

Congratulations princess wellington! That's fantastic news!

DGLLB Wed 12-Feb-14 09:18:51

Plz may I join

Just got a BFP 6 days after AF was due....still can't believe it smile

Due mid October I think....

Kellsbelles83 Wed 12-Feb-14 09:46:53

Congrats! I'm due in october and went to the docs as soon as I found out at 4 weeks. I had a previous m/c so i'm extra anxious this time around. Get taking folic acid and doc to refer you to a midwife.

CareBearWithFangs Wed 12-Feb-14 09:49:32

Please can I join too? I got a BFP at the weekend, but no idea how far along I am as I haven't had a period since coming off the pill (other than withdrawal bleed).

Has anyone got any symptoms yet? I don't feel pregnant at all making me slightly worried.

rockin20s Wed 12-Feb-14 09:58:58

Hey all why not head over to the antenatal threads and join in the conversations


CareBearWithFangs Wed 12-Feb-14 10:02:27

But I'm not sure if I'm due September or October? sad

CareBearWithFangs Wed 12-Feb-14 10:05:45

Haha I just put that I'm pregnant into the iPad app I was using to track periods etc. Apparently I'm due the 18th October, hooray for technology!

Wiggy29 Wed 12-Feb-14 22:51:50

Congratulations to all new bfps. I'm due Oct 14th so just over 5 weeks now.

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Thu 13-Feb-14 09:10:08

Got my bfp yesterday, am just over 4 weeks and due on 19th october by my calculations.

It doesnt feel real even though ive suspected I might be for the past 2 weeks because my breasts are so sore and have had horrible cramps and lower back pain.

I have a dr appointment on monday for an unrelated thing so will talk to her about being pregnant then.

OneInAMinion Sat 15-Feb-14 13:28:58

Wowsers, no-one posted in this thread in the beginning (so I kinda stopped checking) and now there's BFP's galore! Congrats to all of you.

I'm 8 weeks and 1 day with baby number 1 and I have my first midwife app on Tuesday but no talk of scans, free prescriptions or anything else here, so I need to get asking questions. After spending so long focusing on ttc I'm actually pretty clueless on this whole pregnancy malarkey grin

I've had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever which has made me a bit anxious. I didn't think about a private scan. Would I just google private hospitals locally to find somewhere?

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