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7 weeks pregnant eating fresh chicken mayo baguette from sandwich shop

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Lloydysmrs Mon 20-Jan-14 16:41:45

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and just ate a chicken mayo lettuce and sweetcorn baguette from a sandwich shop. The ingredients are all in a chiller on display. It's the cubed typed chicken mayo in tub (so probably processed?). they say about processed meats and salads. I did put in microwave for like 4 minutes as I was unsure. Am I ok or should I avoid from now on?

Unsure 7wks

HorraceTheOtter Mon 20-Jan-14 16:44:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eurochick Mon 20-Jan-14 16:45:12

I agree with Horrace. Microwaved mayo? Bleugh.

ChicaMomma Mon 20-Jan-14 16:48:01

Im dreadful, i've been eating deli counter food throughout (although i dont like mayo thankfully). Must really make more of an effort..

NatashaBee Mon 20-Jan-14 16:50:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lloydysmrs Mon 20-Jan-14 16:55:02

Thanks all. It's just everyone keeps saying about not eating processed meats unless heated up and any salad has to be washed so you know it is. I couldn't wash the salad myself. Microwaved mayo isn't the best I know but I'm new to this and just thought if I heat it will kill the bacteria. ��

Beccadugs Mon 20-Jan-14 17:06:03

It's a bit of a minefield.

You have to decide what risks you personally are happy to take, based on what the risk to you/the baby are.

I had sever HG for the first 28 weeks, and figured that if the baby survived me not really eating or drinking anything for that long, I was happy to risk getting sick from mayo for example, as the chances are very low anyway.

EssexGirlLottie Mon 20-Jan-14 17:09:39

I think the NHS guidance says processed meats are fine, ditto for salads:

Obviously everyone can make their own mind up though!

Mummytobe2014 Mon 20-Jan-14 18:14:55

Iv had processed meats and mayo from sarnie shop and have been ok. If ur worried about the mayo ask them if its homemade its usually not!

rachyconks Mon 20-Jan-14 18:23:17

We're not supposed to have processed meat and mayo??? I'm 30 weeks with no 2 and never knew! Huh? How about that. Oh well, too late now - will just carry on.

Beccadugs Mon 20-Jan-14 18:30:34

I'm pretty sure the processed or "deli" meats thing is an american thing. To do with the way you can/can't clean the meat slicer!

PrincessWatermelon Mon 20-Jan-14 18:36:37

Processed meats are fine. As are processed/production made mayo. The only issue would be if you had homemade mayo. But the chances of that at a deli are slim!

ouryve Mon 20-Jan-14 18:36:55

I would avoid microwaving a chicken mayo salad sandwich. That sounds revolting and is more likely to cause food poisoning.

The biggest risk is from those open salad bars where you serve yourself. Avoid those, if you're worried, as they're incredibly open to contamination. A freshly made up sandwich, from somewhere reputable, is going to be no more harmful than one that's been sitting in your bag all day because you made it yourself, though. And the mayo is undoubtedly from a jar and pasteurised.

Featherbag Mon 20-Jan-14 18:38:56

This antenatal dietary paranoia is getting ridiculous, we'll be eating nothing but raw, organically homegrown carrots before too much longer!

LittleBearPad Mon 20-Jan-14 18:45:48

You'll be fine. Seriously. There's very little you really can't eat. Liver cos of the vit A but that's about it.

Microwaved mayo - bleurgh.

LastOneDancing Mon 20-Jan-14 20:49:48

Featherbag - ensure your organic carrot is thoroughly washed with Milton to avoid e.coli... wink

OP if you've eaten there lots of times before and never had a gippy tummy there is no reason to start to worry now.

And don't microwave mayo, it's just wrong smile

Lloydysmrs Mon 20-Jan-14 21:30:28

Just to clarify I know I can have mayo as long as its not home made. That wasn't the problem I was asking about the meat and salad. And i don't normally microwave mayo it's just I was starving and I'd bought it and it was the only thing I could think of to kill bacteria. Won't be doing again! Someone different people on different forums say different things so you can't be too careful!

ThistleLickerIsGoingToBeAMummy Mon 20-Jan-14 21:33:33

Why don't u google it for clarification!!!!

I eat mayo on buttys from jar but won't touch pate or prawns!!! Can't wat for both

Mummytobe2014 Mon 20-Jan-14 21:34:57

Speak to ur midwife if ur concerned one of the midwifs told me i can eat anything but in moderation. smile

Mim78 Mon 20-Jan-14 21:41:05

I did get told by a German gp that I could have anything but alcohol and tobacco so have kept it in mind if worried.

I have avoided pate and liver in particular during both preg and also the soft cheeses made with mild (though enjoying Stilton on new NHs advice!).

Have not avoided so called deli meats or smoked salmon either time. In first preg the only thing I could bear to eat in early stages (almost) was Parma ham so I ate it!

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