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New Isofix Graco Evo Snugsafe car seat

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CaipirinhasAllRound Wed 15-Jan-14 11:27:05

I've seen they've added these to the Mothercare website in the past few days, has anyone seen/tested one? Snugsafe
Because it's new I can't find any reviews about it

I've got the buggy but not decided on a car seat yet but like they fact they now have an Isofix version

GRudd Thu 29-Jan-15 16:25:19

Hello. I have the Graco snugsafe car seat (we've been using it for 9 weeks) and it's perfect. There were really bad reviews for it on the Mothercare website but I see they have all gone. Most of the comments were that the leg straps dug into the baby's legs but I have to say, we find it very easy to adjust and there have never been any problems with straps digging in. It does say that the straps are 'pre set' for a premature baby and so they need to be adjusted to suit (this is done underneath the car seat) but it's relatively easy to do this. Another complaint was that the baby's head seemed to flop forward but again, I haven't experienced any issues like this. It fits perfectly onto the graco evo pram which I'm also delighted with. I'd definitely buy this travel system again. We also have the isofix base so makes it quick and easy getting it into the car on a daily basis :-)

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