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Anyone told at 20 weeks they were having a girl but had a boy?

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hubbahubster Tue 14-Jan-14 07:46:06

Just that really. Had my scan recently and wa completely shocked that we're apparently having a girl - hardly any of those in DH's family! Not really bothered as baby looks lovely and healthy, but just wondered if many people had been given the wrong info even though they were shown the three girl lines on the scan.

Hubbythecatandme Tue 14-Jan-14 13:21:47

My mum was told she was having a boy with me, she was utterly shocked as she had been convinced she was expecting a girl for some reason, then just before delivery she told my dad "well better have a girl's name just in case"... and sure enough I was a girl smile

DH's stepsister was told at her 20 week scan last year she was having a girl, then had a further scan near the end of her pregnancy (can't remember why) but was then told boy. Sure enough he was a boy smile Luckily they hadn't bought anything as they didn't find out with their first DC (boy) and were re-using everything they had for him anyway.

ChoughingNora Tue 14-Jan-14 13:44:58

Yes my dsis best friend. She was told a girl, bought all the girl stuff and then out popped a little boy!

She was actually really upset for a while after the birth.

wispaxmas Tue 14-Jan-14 14:06:19

They can't be 99.9% sure either way at the 20 week scan, surely. Is as told the sex today, but I'm going back in 3 weeks to have the heart rescanned and plan to ask them to confirm the sex for me just in case! Two scans have to be better than one.

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