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cervical length

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clairemf Thu 27-Jul-06 14:15:29

my cervix is 24mm and i'm 26 weeks pregnant. has any one else had this length?

spidermama Thu 27-Jul-06 14:26:35

How did this come up clairemf? I only ask because I was never told anything about the length of my cervix in four pregnancies. Does it have a bearing on anything? Does it affect the birth? Is yours an unusual length?

horseshoe Fri 28-Jul-06 08:46:46

Hi yes i did with DD2. Mine was 19mm at 23 weeks pregnant. They were worried and signed me off as anything under 25mm they say is an increased risk of early labour.

I wouldn't worry too much though. I took it easy and had another cervical scan at 31 weeks and the length was 35mm. I ended up having DD2 a week after her due date.

It's alos very easy to get the length wrong as the scans are hard.

clairemf Fri 28-Jul-06 16:07:07

horseshoe- so the length went up?

majormoo Fri 28-Jul-06 19:24:11

I had mine measured at my 20 week scan (at Kings College Hospital) and mine was 27mm. It said on my notes they were not worried about preterm labour as it was not less than 15mm and there was no funnelling

horseshoe Mon 31-Jul-06 10:50:25

Yes it went up. It disappeared almost completely and I nearly miscarried at 12 weeks but they can reformed and also like already said funnelling gives a good idea if pre-term labour is a risk

slinkstah Tue 01-Aug-06 12:48:37

mine was 34mm at 21 weeks and 21mm at 23 weeks with a huge funnel, drs said there was every chance i would have the baby within days so they stitched my cervix and i carried until 40 weeks.

clairemf Tue 01-Aug-06 13:58:48

up to how many weeks is the latest time they can put a stitch in?

clairemf Tue 01-Aug-06 14:00:27

slinkstah was this with your first baby?

slinkstah Tue 01-Aug-06 23:44:30

i think the latest they do a stitch is 24 weeks, i think its because babies can survive after that and the stitch carrys a big infection risk so i think they try and prolonge pregnancys after 24 weeks with drugs/bedrest.
it wasn't my first, it was my 4th, 1st and 2nd were completely normal pg and births, 3rd i lost the baby due to preterm labour, unknown cause at the time. 4th had scans to check for cervical change, there was change and then i was diagnosed with incompetent cervix.
i wouldn't worry too much, it may be completely normal in some women to have shorter than adverage cervix length and still carry to term. if there is funnelling or any change then that shows a problem. Has your dr booked you in for further scans?
to air on the side of caution, put ya feet up a bit more and don't spend all day on your feet, maybe until 28 weeks. 28 weeks is the 95% or more survival rate of babys born then so is considered out of the real danger zone.

clairemf Wed 02-Aug-06 09:54:35

slinkstah- thanks. i have another scan in 2 weeks.

clairemf Thu 17-Aug-06 12:49:53

horseshoe - did different people measure your cervix?

clairemf Thu 14-Sep-06 15:54:38

had cervical lenght scan today at 33 weeks and it measured approx 16mm anyone else had this?

foundintranslation Thu 14-Sep-06 16:11:17

I had a shortened cervix (can't remember length) at 23 weeks - found after a scan when I erroneously thought I might have lost my mucus plug - and was signed off for 2 weeks. Had to lie as much as possible but could have gentle walks etc. After that things were fine - I tried to take it easy-ish but still worked up until 37 weeks. Went into labour at 37+5.

BbyBrownz Wed 18-Jul-07 22:41:50

I am a little confused. I went in for an US yesterday and my report states that my cervix was abnormal with funneling and foreshortened at 16 mm.
I am currently 33 weeks 1 day pregnant with my 3rd child (5th pregnancy, 2 ended in miscarriage).
If anyone knows what this funneling indicates or the length please please let me know.
Thank you

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