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Anyone else awake with pregnancy insomnia?

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Madallie Wed 08-Jan-14 02:16:24

I'm 35+6 and have been totally unable to sleep more than a few hours a night for wks now. Last night was 3 hours, tonight has only been 1.5 hrs so far. I'm so tired and drained. Also have a 2.1 very active dd so no rest in the day. Have in idea where energy to look after newborn will come from.

Anyone else suffering the same?

kaatieexox Wed 08-Jan-14 02:56:56

Another pregnancy insomniac here! I'm 37 weeks and Haven't been able to sleep till at least gone 4/5am for the past month or so. Luckily I'm on mat leave so I can sleep during the day. Hope you get some sleep soon smile

dizhin79 Wed 08-Jan-14 03:13:35

yep awake here too 31 weeks, have got meeting at 10 that I have to drive an hour to, oh joy sad

redcaryellowcar Wed 08-Jan-14 03:21:50

i am 31wks too and awake,.blame dh for getting up for a drink as was sleeping fine until then, he is now sleeping again i am still awake.

dizhin79 Wed 08-Jan-14 03:23:28

I have a snoring oh next to me too, am considering food as sleep is not forthcoming!

Firsttimemumtobe12 Wed 08-Jan-14 03:30:51

33+6 not had a decent nights sleep in two weeks and gradually getting worse. I can usually get a couple hours after 3/4ish but wake up wide awake. I'm lucky that I can sleep during the day but even that isn't much. Just glad I'm not working at the moment don't think I would have coped.
Hope it's just a phase for us all and we all get some sleep soon smile

hiho Wed 08-Jan-14 04:08:03

Me too. I am 40 wks. I am having something t eat and drink, then hopefully back to sleep...

Apparentlychilled Wed 08-Jan-14 04:27:10

Me too. I'm 37 weeks and so uncomfortable. In having lots of aches and pains all night so have spent most of the night trying to figure out if something is starting.

Fedup1992 Wed 08-Jan-14 04:34:02

35 here I have been like this for about a month so tired can't get to sleep till about 5 or 6 then I can sleep till afternoon. It really got to me at first but now sod it!!! Xxxx

Yummiliscious Wed 08-Jan-14 04:53:24

33 weeks and wide awake here as well! I was sleeping fine until DP made a big snore that woke me up and since then I feel more and more awake! I am just lying in bed thinking that I need to go to work in a few hours...What does everyone else do during their sleepless nights?

FlossyCat Wed 08-Jan-14 04:55:35

Yep, 40+6 and been awake since 3am having a brain fart (can't stop thinking about all potential scenarios that may happen over next week or so). I'm having a hot milky drink. Hope you all get some zzzzz in soon x

AlwaysDancing1234 Wed 08-Jan-14 04:55:56

I'm only 16 weeks but have been bleeding almost constantly during most of this pregnant (couple of big bleeds resulting in hospital visits). Luckily all ok with the the baby but I'm constantly up in the night either dealing with a bleed or checking if I am bleeding. It's miserable being awake in the early hours and bring tired all day sad

learnasyougo Wed 08-Jan-14 05:06:34

28w here and the same. I have a 16m old but also full time job, so no sleep during the day, either. I've got an all day meeting in London that I absolutely cannot 'zone out' in (there will be no minutes to fall back on, for example - or rather, note taking is my responsibility).

I remember my first pregnancy getting the rage every time someone told me to 'get your sleep in now, haha' (usually men, actually).

in hindsight, I think the insomnia is the brain shifting to a new sleep pattern and actually helps with coping. For the men, it can be more of a shock to go from solid 8 hrs sleep to newborn disrupted sleep. The pregnant one is used to it. I actually copied quite well with ds, even though he was, for a time, sleeping bio more than 50 minutes at a time before wanting to bf again. 9 wakings a night, for months!

Spd makes my sleep worse, and of course rolling over requires a full cost benefit analysis and feasibility study. There is no quick, half sleeping roll over when heavily pregnant. I need a sort of hammock that rolls me over at the push of a button.

Apparentlychilled Wed 08-Jan-14 05:40:07

I'm with you alwaysdancing, except for my waters going, rather than bleeding. My waters went in the middle of the night with my first 2 DC, and unlike previous pregnancies, I've been having loads of pain for ages with this one (over a week of period pains that turn into nothing), so every time I get up in the night for the loo (generally every hour or 2), I'm obsessively checking to see if it's just wee. Added to that, both of mine came early (36 weeks and 37 weeks), so I feel really thrown by this pregnancy.

I went to bed in a bad mood as my DDad is annoying me (nooo, couldn't possibly be pregnancy rage....) and it looks like today is going to start on the same vein, as DH has had the audacity to breath and occasionally snore all night. Must chill out before everyone wakes up....

kaatieexox Wed 08-Jan-14 05:46:33

I'm still awake and contemplating whether or not I should gloss the wood on the stairs. It's been doing my head in for ages now. I know if I do dp will get up for work and touch it and he'll have a whinge. I'll clean the kitchen cupboards instead. Damn nesting (I think). I've never been this tidy lol!

BookWormGirl Wed 08-Jan-14 06:05:55

Me! 40 + 6 here with my first. Retreated to the spare room at midnight as i was worried my tossing and turning was disturbing DH, got a few hours sleep but have been awake for a while now. This is a familiar theme - I've been suffering with this for the past few weeks. I'm also dreaming / thinking a lot about work, despite being on mat leave. I keep on waking up in a panic thinking 'I must do that when I go into the office' - even though i've been off since before Christmas - what's that all about?! Why can't I just switch off and enjoy the time off?!

Apparentlychilled Wed 08-Jan-14 06:14:46

is it totally unreasonable of me to wish that this baby would settle down and stop causing bump ache and sleeplessness or else just arrive?!

Windywinston Wed 08-Jan-14 08:31:50

Last pregnancy I slept better than I ever had. This time I haven't slept well from the beginning, now 20wks and am exhausted!
I work full time and have an 18mth old to contend with. DH is being amazing but I feel like I can't look after DD as I would like as I'm so exhausted all the time.

ChicaMomma Wed 08-Jan-14 10:12:51

Those of you still in week 30s should try pregnancy yoga- apparently amazing for sleeping in the final trimester.

i'm only week 17 and find i'm waking a lot- at least twice- god knows how bad i'll be in the 30s!!!!! started pregnancy yoga last nite though and i did sleep a continual 9 hours after- feel like a new woman today. Most of the girls in the class were 33-40 weeks and all said it was a godsend for sleeping so i will keep it up weekly for sure. Now that the weather is improving too i intend on doing a 30 min walk each lunch time. I think i've been sleeping badly as i miss my thrice weekly bootcamp classes!

Newmumtobe2014 Wed 08-Jan-14 11:45:25

I too have been having issues sleeping, waking every hour the night before last but for no actual reason. I am 31 + 2 and i dont notice any movement througout the night and dont really need a wee all the time so i cant understand why i am having trouble sleeping. Last night i slept great (coz it was so rubbish the night before) but then at 3.30pm my dp woke up and got up (he is a night worker and struggling on his days off to get used to sleeping) this caused me to wake and couldnt drift back off but now i need some match sticks to stay awake and am irritable especially with work colleagues lol :-)
Why does everyone else struggle to sleep, is there any particular reason?

hottymama1976 Wed 08-Jan-14 15:30:38

I've been sleeping better since I got a maternity slide sheet (Snoozle). Except for waking up to pee every hour LOL.

Newmumtobe2014 Wed 08-Jan-14 16:18:48

Ooh i had never heard of that before, looks interesting! I do feel like a bit of an elephant trying to turn over in bed, feels like it takes me ages to turn! lol

AlwaysDancing1234 Wed 08-Jan-14 17:03:58

ChicaMomma I might look in to pregnancy Yoga, worth a try to help with posture etc as well as sleeping I think.
hottymamma where did you get your sheet from please?

MamaPingu Wed 08-Jan-14 17:07:08

I was the same from around 35 weeks, it was horrendous and that was without any other DCs so big sympathy for you.

I have no idea how to help you, maybe try and get outside for a walk or something. Being outside in the day helps set your body clock! If you are having to stop inside due to being tired it may be making it worse.

Good luck and best wishes!

middleclassdystopia Wed 08-Jan-14 19:44:21

Hi everyone

I had terrible insomnia with my last pregnancy. I actually slept better when she was born!

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