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Tall maternity trousers

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Dragonhart Sun 23-Jul-06 21:08:23

HELP! I am 6ft tall and have looked everywhere for maternity trousers that are 36" inside leg but only found 2 pairs from LongTall Sally. Last time had most of preg in summer and could wear skirts but this time due in Jan and just not a skirt and tights person! Wanted to have another option rather than the Jeans or Black trousers from LTS. Have looked in Dorothy Perkins and Topshop which are the only other places that I can normally buy trousers but although they do a maternity range and a tall range they obviously dont think that tall women get preg. Searched all over net but found that anyone else saying that their trousers are 'long' or 'tall ranges' think that 33" are long!! Grrrr!

If anyone else knows anywhere that do 36" indise leg maternity trousers, please share!

kikidee Sun 23-Jul-06 21:14:18

Hi Dragonhart, I found Formes long enough for me - I'm 5'10 - have you tried there?

Marne Sun 23-Jul-06 21:15:15

I have some from George (asda) i bought them off of e-bay last year.

notasheep Sun 23-Jul-06 21:17:07

Im 6foot too-i wore my dps

Dragonhart Sun 23-Jul-06 21:28:43

Sorry Notasheep, what is dps?

notasheep Sun 23-Jul-06 21:31:46

my darling partners!!!

Dragonhart Sun 23-Jul-06 21:36:11

Ahh. My dh is the same heght as me but has 31" inside leg. Must have a long body!!

NotAnOtter Sun 23-Jul-06 21:37:45

36" inside leg sounds fabulous!

Beauregard Sun 23-Jul-06 21:38:48

Hi Dragonhart,im 6ft2 and always buy my maternity from next (xlong)or H&M mama so they should be long enough for you.

Beauregard Sun 23-Jul-06 21:43:39

I have a short body and long legs ,dp says im just a pair of legs with a head on top

Dragonhart Sun 23-Jul-06 22:34:03

pelvic - xl from next are only 33" acording to their website sizes. Tryed some on last year in the shop and they were way too small. Do you know how long the ones you have are?

Beauregard Sun 23-Jul-06 22:40:12

well they must be 33" but well long enough !
Have you tried tallgirls uk ,not maternity but you could get a big size?
Topshop do maternity clothes as well

Dragonhart Sun 23-Jul-06 22:45:30

Cheers pelvic, Topshops are not long enough and tried on tons of bigger sizes in Long Tall Sally to try the whole normal clothes in pregnancy thing, but only ones that will last are joggers and dont want to spend the next 5 months feeling slouchy. Larger sizes have enormous bums (I am already normally a size 16) and would only stay up when they were too tight. Cant really aford to buy lots of trousers so guess will just have to keep looking. Gosh I am fussy!!! Thanks for advise though.

Beauregard Sun 23-Jul-06 22:47:26

Hope you find something
Manufacturers must think that tall women dont have babies.

Dragonhart Sun 23-Jul-06 22:50:11

I know. I really hacks me off. Emailed Long Tall Sally and asked if they were planning to extend their maternity range (I can remember when it was quite extensive afew years back) and they said that there was no demand for it. What crap because surely all the women who buy clothes from them have been/will get preg at some point!

Beauregard Sun 23-Jul-06 22:51:04

Heightism at work

Dragonhart Sun 23-Jul-06 22:52:39

You'd have thought that I would have got used to it after 26 years of struggling to get clothes to fit but it still gets me riled! Rant over!!

Beauregard Sun 23-Jul-06 22:56:18

It is a nightmare clothes shopping trying to find any trousers long enough and when i do i end up paying more than i can afford to ,i dont get clothing allowance for work either so worry about ruining my clothes.

Beauregard Sun 23-Jul-06 22:57:43

There is such a demand for longer womens clothing as well.
There are quite a few mumsnetters who are tall

Dragonhart Sun 23-Jul-06 23:03:57

We should all email topshop and dorothy perkins and tell them to add maternity to their tall ranges. They are much cheaper than LTS and just as good. Only normally buy clothes from LTS when they have a sale as their sales are really good. Guess none of these companies will do it unless people keep asking for it and they realise there IS a demand for it.

RDCTML Wed 13-Jun-07 02:12:23

Check out for 36" inseams. I'm just a hair over 6'0" and they're a bit too long on me! I've never had that problem before... can't complain though.

BunnyBaby Wed 13-Jun-07 10:56:16

Had a complete nightmare as 5'11 with a 36 inside leg, however a lovely lady recommended "Formes", and I got an amazingly versatile pair of black trousers. Really well cut.

They were expensive at £70 a pair, but I really don't care as it's hard enough finding tall trousers at the best of times let alone pregnant and I wasn't going to miss out on the perfect pair.

Interestingly the girl who recommended them is a different shape to me and she lived in them, which shows what a good cut they are to flatter us all!

Good luck!

GermanGal Wed 13-Jun-07 11:30:24

Hi all, I am 5'10" too and need a 36" inside leg, which has been a nightmare so far. I found a brand called "Christoff's" which does long trousers (very basic, wide leg or skinny leg, all basic colours) - not sure if it's a German brand though?!? Other than that, Rock & Republic are apparently the only ones doing 36" maternity jeans, but I think you'll have to order them from the States. I have checked with a few shops in London, and they go up to 35" for a pair of nice jeans - I will try those next time I'm over.

LucyK1978 Wed 13-Jun-07 11:57:49

I am also six foot tall and take a 36" leg and have just bought some fantastic maternity trousers from H&M - so not as expensive as LTS!

I got a black pair of 3/4 length / capri smart-ish trousers (not so critical on length as 3/4s), and a casual pair of white linen trousers that are REALLY long - so much I wonder how many other people could buy them as they are perfect for someone my height! Both have got the lovely stretchy jersey panel in them that goes right over your bump. Blissfully comfortable!

amexgirl Mon 18-Jun-07 16:30:27

I was just thinking this the other day when I bought 'longer length' maternity trousers to go with heels - I am a total shortarse and wondered what on earth people with long legs do. How annoying for you tall girls - can't empathise but I sympathise!

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