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Need help finding more maternity wear

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SpringChicken Tue 02-Mar-04 11:00:29

Am going to London in just over 3 weeks - going to see a show and staying in a posh hotel - have got half of my outfit but cannot find a top i like anywhere.

I have tried Serendipity, Blooming Marvelous, Mothercare, Funmum, Isabella Oliver and tons more.

All i am looking for is a smart top that isn't back - the skirt i want to wear is black and will also be wearing black tights so fancied a cream top but everything is black

Don't really have time to physically go shopping before we go as we are on holiday in 2 weeks so was hoping to find something on the internet - can anyone suggest somewhere i haven't already tried?


miranda2 Tue 02-Mar-04 11:03:56
they do nice evening stuff.

lydialemon Tue 02-Mar-04 11:08:35

La Redoute or Vertabaudet, they both do nice Maternity stuff, or perhaps Next? Maybe try ebay?

Last year I bought some lovely embroidered 'going out' tops from Hennes, but I just bought them 2 or 3 sizes too big - they weren't fitted ones so they looked fine.

katierocket Tue 02-Mar-04 11:14:24

Don't hennes do maternity wear anyway?
try or Formes?

bluestar Tue 02-Mar-04 11:30:11 - saw this site advertised somewhere recently.

SpringChicken Tue 02-Mar-04 12:15:54

thanks all - will gives these a try - although think formes may be a bit out of my budget

Ailsa Tue 02-Mar-04 23:38:03

SpringChicken, what about black with cream spots - I have one if you're interested and providing it's the right size. I also have a fitted pale blue sleeveless shirt of the over the head type i.e. no buttons.

twiglett Wed 03-Mar-04 08:43:24

message withdrawn

MrsDoolittle Wed 03-Mar-04 10:03:30

Going through a similar thing myself. I needed something for this weekend and was adamant that I was not going to get black. Ended up giving in a going to the jojmamnbebe website. They have a black silk top on sale! It's going with black trousers.

melsy Wed 03-Mar-04 10:12:50

This looked good here . Look like Diane von fursternburg (sp?)dresses for a fraction of the price.Normally £300 these are £60.

collision Wed 03-Mar-04 11:04:32

Asda now do maternity....Next is great......and I thought fun.mum had gone bankrupt! I had loadsa stuff from them last time and then returned some stuff and was told it had been bankrupted!!

tillymint Thu 04-Mar-04 19:26:07

Can't help you SC, but I've got a couple of bits I don't fit this time. Was going to pass to charity shop, but if anyone wants them ... just pay for P&P. They'd do for days at home. Two pirs of trousers, one straight leg check, other navy wide leg, and a pale blue polo shirt from blooming marvel. All size 14 ish.

MrsCodswallop Thu 04-Mar-04 19:26:58


MrsCodswallop Thu 04-Mar-04 19:27:50

Loads odf them here

smellymelly Thu 04-Mar-04 19:29:38

H & M (Hennes) is a great reason for getting preggers!!!!
They do reasonably priced stuff, some funky most normal. Def worth a look.

bluestar Thu 04-Mar-04 20:26:38

Another website I have come across is

stripeyjoe Tue 14-Jun-05 09:42:41

Don't touch Bellavalore with a bargepole. They are useless and nothing but trouble.

mogwai Tue 14-Jun-05 15:49:08

look on Ebay for last year's stock, you can get loads of bargains

Katts Tue 14-Jun-05 17:30:50

I like the next site's model. Finally one who actually looks pregnant rather than stick figure with fake bump!

Jodie657 Tue 14-Jun-05 21:56:09

i got nearly all my maternity clothes off ebay, most of which still had tags attached

notentsplease Sat 18-Jun-05 20:44:00


Call me own maternity shop and can deal over internet - will find you a perfect top!! Have biggest stock in Kent probably! 01634 379219

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