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Real dilemma with a friend, don't know what to do

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MaryMcCarthy Fri 27-Dec-13 19:08:36

She has just announced she is pregnant with a guy she's known for around 7 weeks, however she found out today she is near 10 weeks pregnant. and she was having sex with someone else immediately before meeting the new guy.

I know the peculiarity of ovulation means she could technically be ten weeks pregnant despite first sleeping with the new guy seven weeks ago. And she insists it's the new guy's. But she also insists she was on the pill. I just wondered if I could share the timeline of events here and see if it added up to anyone else? because I'm still not convinced.

If this isn't the right forum for such a story then I apologise and I'd be happy to be redirected, but I hope you can help because I'm extremely close to this girl, she's earmarked me as a godparent and it's really taking up a lot of my thoughts at the moment.

Ilovekittyelise Sat 28-Dec-13 13:32:15

based on being 10 weeks on dec 27th and assuming a perfect cycle and ovulating on day 14, my calendar points to conception on or around november 8th.

i cant remember the exact dates of her sexual history timeline but regardless of what is or is not right in friendships, she has had more than one sexual partner in a tight timeline so i dont think you could eliminate the possibility of either guy being the father.

to me it boils down to a)is she being honest with "dream boat" about the possibility that hes not the dad b)is this woman emotionally equipped to take on parenthood regardless of paternity?

the ops had her head bitten off for questioning the underlying facts. i dont think that makes her judgemental. shes just adult enough to realise that honesty is the only solid basis for trust and that the life her friend is choosing to bring into the world shouldnt be marred by doubts and dishonesty.

sounds like the friend has a little growing up to do.

Fedup1992 Sat 28-Dec-13 16:41:11

3rd of November she "joked" about bring pregnant?? Maybe she knew there was chance!

I'm confused. Horrible situation to be in!

And she should be truthful!

But I can't believe u know all the info!

ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight Sat 28-Dec-13 17:13:59

Thanks Somerset smile
Admittedly its through watching Jeremy Kyle a lot daytime tv absolutely feel sorry for those people who grew up thinking someone was their parent then finding out they weren't .. Devastation all round.
Maybe (it does happen) one of them will step up even if they are not the father but she should at least give them that chance.
She'll need a good friend though if both men decide to walk away. At least the DNA will point to who is going to have to support the child

SweetPea86 Sat 28-Dec-13 17:30:58

Mary really sorry that they are so many bitchy people on here who aren't helping and just being nasty.

I understand your concerns it's good that your not taking beibg a god parent lightly.

I like you have a best friend who is forever telling porkies or mis leading then truth and it's very frustrating.

Maybe have a talk with her and tell her your concerns.

Is the new guy going to be supportive to her after only 7 weeks.

If she isn't being honest just be there to support her as a friend and if your slightly concerned about being a god parent tell her that your not ready for that responsibly yet.

Funny how many people are telling you your to invested in her life but yet have time to write nasty comments on here

Hope things work out for you

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