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Weight gain - again!

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Tea1Sugar Tue 24-Dec-13 08:38:19

I know this has been overdone and is a very personal question but just wondering how much other women around 23 weeks have gained. This is dc2. Pre-pregnancy weight was 8st4lbs with a slightly underweight BMI, now at 23 weeks I'm 9st7lbs. I've put on 17lbs. Even though it's all bump and boobs. I hate it. Hate it :-(

Cariad007 Tue 24-Dec-13 08:41:31

At 23 weeks I'd gained around 4lb, at 32 I've gained around 10 though it's bound to increase over the next few days with all the eating I'll be doing! If you were underweight before you got pregnant then I wouldn't worry too much.

dizhin79 Tue 24-Dec-13 08:50:41

are you in the group for babies it may you're due? I'd ask there, everyone in mine is so different, we're all due in March and the weight gains so far vary between 4 stone and 10lb, try not to worry too much about it. if you are concerned soak to your midwife they will be supportive I'm sure xx

dizhin79 Tue 24-Dec-13 08:51:33

of you're not in the group look in ante natal clubs, you should find fellow mums in there x

Tea1Sugar Tue 24-Dec-13 08:53:46

I'm due 22nd April. Thanks x

RubyrooUK Tue 24-Dec-13 08:54:53

Hey Tea. I always put on a lot of weight when pregnant (am normally around 8 stone, BMI 19). I put on three stone with DS1 and very slightly less with DS2 and for some reason, it really packs on my thighs. I also gain the majority between weeks 12-30.

But am 9 months post DS2 and back to normal weight. No diets. Just eating normally and being active. And I'm still breastfeeding.

So I think that some people, particularly if on the slim side when they get pregnant, tend to put on weight so their bodies have everything they need for the baby. If you resume normal eating/activity levels after the baby is born, you should get back to normal. So I wouldn't worry too much.

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

LittlePeaPod Tue 24-Dec-13 09:40:42

I was a size 8/10 Pre pregnancy and I am 5"4. At 23 weeks I think I put on about 3/4lbs. Now 38+5 and I have put on 15/16lbs.

Everyone is different op. My friend put on over 5st and she lost it all within 4 months of baby arriving.

Foxeym Tue 24-Dec-13 09:50:54

I put on 3.5 stone in all 3 pregnancies, DC3 is now 9 weeks and it's all gone bar the last half stone. I haven't dieted at all, just ate normally but have walked into town etc instead of driving. I also had my third ELCS! Your body gets rid as soon as it's not needed anymore

PenguinsDontEatStollen Tue 24-Dec-13 10:04:42

I'm the same point as you and have put on 5-6kg, whatever that translates as. My body is the sort that stores a lot in pregnancy though. Have never weighed myself at term, but after baby, placenta, water loss etc (i.e. about a fortnight after the birth) I've been left with about 6-7kg to lose.

Try not to worry. It does go. But also some people put on more weight in the early stages and less later on .

Peacenquiet2 Tue 24-Dec-13 17:00:53

Im 29 weeks and hav put on 14 pounds so far. My bmi before was 23 so neither skinny nor fat and i have eaten pretty much what i want.
I am kept pretty busy with two dc and part time work but havnt exercised apart from that. Really hopin i dont gain more than another stone by the end and ile be happy with that. Gained two stone each time with dc 1/2 and u lose a stone (poss bit more) in a day once baby comes out. The rest comes off not long after if youre sensible.
Im tryin not to worry about it as its one of the few times in life when women have a good excuse to gain weight.

Writerwannabe83 Tue 24-Dec-13 17:13:52

I was about 8st 12 prior to pregnancy and now at 26 weeks I'm about 10st 7 hmm Is that a 24lb increase so far?? I hate the fact I weigh so much but because I know it's just because of the baby I can't help but smile smile

PastaForRudolph Tue 24-Dec-13 17:20:30

I've put on 16lb at 30 weeks. I put on 2 stone last time so think I'm heading for that again.

Like peaceandquiet I lost a stone the week I gave birth and then the other stone was gone within 3 months through breastfeeding.

I wouldn't worry it.

Ladyglamalot Tue 24-Dec-13 17:27:20

You are supposed to put on weight when you are pregnant op-why are you beating yourself up over this when you should be enjoying your pregnancy? Tbh you sound like you may have an eating disorder/anxiety. If so then this would be a great time to seek help.

purplebaubles Tue 24-Dec-13 17:27:26

Put on 9 lbs so far...21 weeks pg. This is third pg though and I hadn't quite dropped all the weight from last time.

First pregnancy, I put on 3.5. stone. Only ever lost 2 of it. (was 9 stone, went up to 12 stone 7)

MatryoshkaDoll Tue 24-Dec-13 18:58:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rebeccax2 Wed 25-Dec-13 10:07:13

Ladyglamalot It's a big jump to suggest someone who is uncomfortable with weight gain might have an eating disorder!

Tea1Sugar I'm 19 weeks and I've gained 9 pounds, most of which was in the first trimester. Although it's normal to gain weight I also dislike it! :-) But it comes with the job, as they say.

I wish I could embrace the bloom. Probably I will when I look back in a years time. In the mean time, just try to go with it, bad feelings and good. x

LittlePeaPod Wed 25-Dec-13 10:21:05

LadyGlammalt. Seriously was there any need for that. This question is raised on the pregnancy board by a lot of people a lot. Will you be diagnosing them all with an eating disorder? hmm

Wuxiapian Wed 25-Dec-13 10:24:28

I'm 30 weeks today and, to date, have put on 16kg. Tuttery and tutteth.

Tea1Sugar Wed 25-Dec-13 10:24:53

Ladyglam - cheers for that. Up yours.

rebeccax2 Thu 26-Dec-13 08:40:18


dizhin79 Thu 26-Dec-13 10:04:18

well said Tea I'm on my phone but I think it's same path for the computer forums. Go to 'becoming a parent', ante natal clubs, April 2014 xxxxxxx (something cute) all your fellow April babies are in there xx

TransatlanticCityGirl Thu 26-Dec-13 16:29:50

For DC1 I started off with a normal BMI of 23 and over the course of the pregnancy I gained 33lbs by week 40 (35lbs by week 42). I can't remember where I was at week 23 but I gained pretty much exactly on the curve for a mother with normal BMI.

In this pregnancy, I started with a slightly overweight BMI of 26 and am now 21-22 weeks and have gained about 6-7lbs which is much less than first time around.

I don't think 17lbs sounds bad given you were a bit underweight to start off with. If you continue to gain 1lb per week for the remainder you'll be on track to put on 34lbs in total which is still within the limits for someone starting off with a normal BMI. You can probably get away with gaining a bit more than that.

The good news is that it'll all come off after the birth. I was back in my normal jeans within a few weeks of DC1 being born. The difference in BMI is entirely due to 1) significantly less exercise than I was able to enjoy before having children and 2) returning to work where there is an abundance of junk to eat, hard to resist when you are sleep deprived.

honeyharris Thu 26-Dec-13 23:58:58

I don't think it sounds too bad if you were light to start off with I'm coming up for 23 weeks and have put on 16 lbs, which I felt was a lot, but my BMI was 20.8 before I got pregnant as i had lost a stone for my wedding.

MummyPig24 Fri 27-Dec-13 06:19:56

I weighed myself yesterday and my weight was the same. I can't believe that so I think their scales are broken. I'm 29 weeks tomorrow so I should have put on some weight. I'm sure when I was weighed in hospital I had put on about a stone from my booking in weight.

Loopylouu Fri 27-Dec-13 10:27:48

26 weeks and gained 4 stone.

But I only ate low carb before pregnancy - the only thing that is staving off my horrendous sickness is carbs every 3-hours. I gained a stone and shalt int eh first week or so of eating carbs again.

Plus about ten years ago Iost over half my body weight through dietieting, so my matabism is fucked anyway.

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